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Exclusive – Free Lock Picking Training


How To Pick Virtually Any Household Lock in UNDER 30 Seconds

Save yourself the embarrassment of locking your keys in your house… and never waste your time or money on a locksmith again.

Hi, Jason Hanson here.
I’m a former CIA Officer and I’ve been blessed to have some amazing training — including quickly escaping handcuffs, casing homes for security weaknesses, escape and evasion driving, and how to recognize (and lose) someone following me.
But, one of the skills I use most often is the ability to pick a lock.

And with what I’m about to show you, you too can learn how to pick virtually any household lock in under 30 seconds.
Even if you’ve never tried to pick a lock in your life.
Your newfound skills will come in handy when…

  • You misplace the key to that desk drawer or filing cabinet housing several important documents you need access to RIGHT NOW
  • Your neighbor locks themselves out and you get to heroically come to their rescue (I do this all the time)
  • You briefly step out to bring in the trash cans and realize you can’t get back inside
  • You can’t get that newly copied key to work because the cut is just sliiiiiiiightly off
  • You want to test the locks on your home to ensure they’re up to snuff (I hate to break it to you — they probably aren’t.)

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt lock picking is a crucial skill that everyone should have in their back pocket. There’s no telling when you might need it.
And, I am confident I can train you to pick a lock in less than 30 seconds.

Even if you’ve never tried… or have tried but could never “get it.”
How can I be so sure?
Well, it’s all thanks to this handy little device right here that I’m going to give you for FREE.

Together, these tools will teach you how to pick a lock like a pro—in no time.
Once you learn how to pick locks, you’ll be amazed at how often you put this skill to use.
Measuring only ⅛” thick, this compact lock pick set fits all the lock picking instruments you’ll need in your wallet, including…

  • A small half-diamond pick
  • A short hook pick
  • A snake rake (or C-rake) pick
  • An L-rake pick
  • And a flat tension wrench

With these five simple tools, no basic home lock will ever hold you. You’ll won’t have to call a locksmith again.

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Exclusive – Tactical Range Bag


4 Free Gifts For American Gun Owners – Help Us Clean Out Our Warehouse!!!

Your free gift package includes:

 1 Black Tactical Pistol Bag (A $129.00 Value)

 1 Set of High Quality Sound-Proof Earplugs With Canister & Key-Chain (A $19.95 Value)

 1 Pair of Professional Shooting Glasses (A $29.00 Value)

 1 Edition Of Tactical USA’s “Patriot’s Monthly Newsletter” (A $39.95 Value)

These 4 Free Gifts Will Save Responsible Americans

With this gift package you can also expect to:

1. Become a skilled, accurate shooter with any gun

2. Look like a pro at the shooting range and be able to give shooters advice

3. Be updated on every single gun law change that takes place in the USA

You’re going to be so good at shooting and so informed on new firearms and new guns laws that you’ll be able to share your knowledge with your friends and fellow patriots…

That’s my goal for you.

This gift package is going to turn you into a leader who will have the knowledge and skills to show other American patriots the way…

And I can bet you that all the admiration and respect you get from your fellow patriots will be worth more than the shooting skills you hone

Remember, patriots have to stick together!

Even though we’re giving you this gift package because we excess inventory…

We want you to look at it like a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift from Tactical USA to you 🙂

This is a great way to introduce you to our Patriotic community!

The Alpha-Shooter Gift Package

Your free gift package includes:

 1 Black Tactical Pistol Bag (A $129.00 Value)

 1 Set of High Quality Sound-Proof Earplugs With Canister & Key-Chain (A $19.95 Value)

 1 Pair of Professional Shooting Glasses (A $29.00 Value)

 1 Edition Of Tactical USA’s “Patriot’s Monthly Newsletter” (A $39.95 Value)

That’s right, 4 gifts for free!

This will guarantee that the next time you go to the shooting range you’ll be showing up in style.

But not only will you look like a pro, you’ll also have the necessary tools to:

 Completely Conceal Your Firearm At Home & On The Go

 Store All Your Tactical Gear & Keep It Organized In Your Easy-To-Carry Bag

 Protect Your Eyes & Ears While Shooting & At The Fire Range

 Stay Constantly Updated On New & Upcoming Gun Laws So You Never Run Into Any Surprises

 Read About New Firearms On The Market & Discover Industry Insights

 Learn Survival Tips & Tactics

FREE GIFT #1 Military-Black Pistol Duffel Bag (A $129.00 Value)

 TONS OF STORAGE: Two large pockets and a front pocket, perfect for concealing multiple firearms, ammunition and tons of storage for the rest of your gear and clothing

 HIGH-STRENGTH BUCKLES AND STRAPS: A duffel bag can withstand even the toughest conditions so it will never let you down.

 PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Whether you’re going down to the shooting range, headed to work or at the airport, this duffel bag is the perfect choice for carrying all your gear.

 STYLISH MILITARY-BLACK: A clean and stylish military-black bag that lets everyone know who the Alpha-Dog is.

SIZE & WEIGHT: 13.2 x 5.4 x 7.2 Inches – 0.45 KGS

FREE GIFT #2 Stay Up-To-Date On New Gun Laws With “Patriot’s Monthly Newsletter” (A $39.95 Value)

 STAY UPDATED ON GUN LAWS: Be The First To Know About Changing Gun Laws So Your Family Will Be Ready For Martial Law In America

 EXPERT SHOOTING TECHNIQUES: Learn From Top Shooters In The World & Take Their Techniques To The Shooting Range

 SURVIVAL TIPS & TRICKS: Study Survival Stories From The Most Badass Men On The Planet & Learn All Their Survival Secrets

 WAR STORIES FROM US VETS & ACTIVE MILITARY: Read War Stories From US Vets & Active Military That Will Inspire, Entertain & Warm Your Heart.

 WEAPON OF THE MONTH: Every Month We Award Our Favorite Weapons & Firearms & Breakdown Why We Love Them

 DISCOUNTS ON THE BEST TACTICAL GEAR: Each Patriot Monthly Newsletter Comes With Discounts & Coupons On All The Best Tactical Gear So You Can Stay Equipped & Ahead Of The Herd

FREE GIFT #3 High-Quality Shooting Glasses (A $29.00 Value)

 SUPER ANTI-IMPACT FORCE: Anti impact force speed of 300km/h. Lens cannot broken or burst open with less force

 VENEER DESIGN: Effectively prevent dust and other particles from entering into the eyes

 TRANSPARENT GOLD LENS: Allowing for the authentic and clear visual sight

 MERCURY COATING: Glasses with a strong anti-glare/astigmatism and strong light filtering

 ANTI-FOG COATING: Anti-fog coating designed for high temperatures, sweat, chemical and medical applications

 HIGH-STENGTH GLASSES STRAP: Allows your shooting glasses to hang around your neck and prevents them from falling to the ground.

FREE GIFT #4 Sound-Reduction Shooting Ear Plugs (A $19.95 Value)

 SOUND-REDUCING: Blocks loud noises like gunfire from damaging your ears

 COMFORTABLE & REUSABLE: Most comfortable ear plugs for shooters. Can be reused over and over unlike most ear plugs

 EASY TO USE: Comfortably insert into your ear canal and remove with ease

 WASHABLE: Safe to wash (recommended after multiple uses)

 CANISTER & KEYCHAIN: Comes with a black Tactical USA canister and keychain for easy storage. Attach the canister to your bag so you never lose your ear plugs!

 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from rubber Silicone and Polyester

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OTK – USB Spy Cam KK – Email Only



Do you ever wonder what’s going on in your house or business when you’re not there to witness it? Now you can know for sure and have proof if anything unsavory happens!


  • Secretly record video with audio in full HD (1080p)
  • Crystal clear results even in low lighting conditions
  • Charge your phone and protect yourself from anyone with bad intentions
  • Foolproof operation, plug it in and walk away
  • No batteries needed! Ultra-Sleuth is always ready because it’s powered by the wall socket!

It’s easy to use your new UltraSleuth.

  • Simply insert Micro SD Card into its slot.
  • Select recording mode (continuous or motion activated).
  • Attach lens cover to ensure nobody can tell it’s recording.
  • Plug into any wall socket and recording will be automated.

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Exclusive – Trump $1,000 BiLL


It Looks So Real Your Liberal Relative Will Freak Out When You Show Them This “NEW US Currency”

CLAIM YOUR FREE GOLD DONALD TRUMP COMMEMORATIVE BILLCheck Availability NowIF THE BUTTON BELOW DOES NOT CLICK THEN THEY ARE SOLD OUTNO MEMBERSHIPS. NO TRIALS. NO SIGN-UPS. NO B.S.To make things super easy & simple for you, we’re covering the product fee and requesting small help with S&H. So when you order today, you’ll only pay for First Class USPS shipping & handling.

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Exclusive – Free Night Vision Cap Light


If you’re one of the next 156 people who take advantage of our limited-time giveaway you’ll get this innovative light with real Mossy Oak® camouflage for Free today.


Before you claim a Free Mossy Oak® Invisible Night Vision Cap Light…

We’re going to show what makes our groundbreaking light perfect for hard-working people like yourself.

We know you’re going to love how this light improves your life.

In fact, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, gearheads, fishermen, moms who like to run at night ALL love the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light.

The reason why they love it is because the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light is NOT a flashlight.

It’s better than regular flashlights.

Yes, the compact light works like a normal flashlight.

In fact, the 150 lumen LEDs are bright enough to light up an entire home.

And yes, it’s super easy to use, just like a normal flashlight.

But what makes it different…

1 – Ultra-Lightweight: At just 1.9 oz, it weighs next to nothing for hours of comfortable use.

2 – Compact: Only 3 inches wide and .5 inch thick, it’s thin and compact for easy portability.

3 – Easy-to-Use: A simple rubber button cycles through Normal and Night Vision mode.

4 – Two Powerful Lighting Modes: The Invisible Night Vision Cap Light has two different modes: 150 Lumen Bright White and 100 Lumen Green Night Vision.

5 – Blends In Outside: The Genuine Mossy Oak® pattern helps it blend in to the most rural environments.

6 – Works on Any Hat with a Bill: Two rugged plastic clips hook securely on to any hat with a bill.

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Exclusive – Karambit (F+S)


Nothing scares a gun owner more than a pack of raptors.


You know what I mean…a GANG.

One punk addresses you from the front…

While his buddies attack from the back and sides.

They’ll go for your gun…

Knock you down and kick you…

That’s when you find yourself in a close-combat situation.

So what do you do?

There will always be pack-hunters in this world…

So if you’re a lone wolf…

You better be prepared.

Because sometimes you can’t hide…

Sometimes the pack finds you before you find them.

But I’m going to help you…

By giving you one of the deadliest close-combat weapons you can carry…for FREE.

Hey. It’s Ranger Dan here…

And yes, today I’m giving you a $49 Raptor Claw Karambit Knife for free.

Why am I doing this?

It’s a special way of introducing you to our small, family company from Massachusetts…

Which you’ll come to know and love as Tactical USA.

We love God, gun, survival and combat…

And we’re looking for other Americans like us so we can connect and share ideas.

That’s why…

Today we’re giving away 500 of our “Raptor Claw Karambit Knives” for FREE!

As a way to introduce ourselves to the online world.

And not to brag or anything…

But this isn’t some dinky knife you get as a souvenir.

This is a combat-ready knife used for everyday carry…

And it’s perhaps the deadliest knife you can use when it comes to close-quarter combat.

  • The blade is a razor-sharp, curved karambit blade
  • It’s got a finger-ring grip so you can’t drop it or be easily disarmed…
  • It’s spring-loaded for lightning-fast open and close…
  • It’s light-weight and discrete…
  • And it has a pocket clip for convenient carry.

It’s the perfect carry for “just in case”…

And a great back-up weapon for close-quarter combat situations…

Overall…it’s a deadly, badass knife.

We wanted to make a good first impression with you…

That way you have Tactical USA in the back of your mind next time your shopping for tactical gear.

This is just our way of saying hi and introducing ourselves.

Today 500 lucky people will get a free “Raptor Claw Karambit Knife”…

Since you’re on this page right now, there’s still time…

So keep reading to claim your free “Raptor Claw Karambit Knife”…

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Exclusive – Free Red Dot Sight


Dear Patriot,

Are you tired of missing the bullseye?

Let’s face it – missing your target comes with a huge feeling of disappointment…

Especially if your buddies are watching.

But HITTING the bullseye…

That feels pretty damn satisfying, doesn’t it?

These feelings of disappointment and satisfaction are the highs and lows a shooter goes through.

A shooter with THIS laser sight only has to experience the high of hitting the bullseye.

But the reason WHY you’re getting a FREE red laser sight is not so you can show off…

Even though this red laser sight does give you the ability to hit your mark every time.

The reason you’re getting this red laser targeting system for FREE…

Is so you NEVER miss your target in case you ever have to shoot in a crowd…

So real quick before you claim your free red laser sight…

I want you to check out Texas SWAT Officer, Shawn Petrucci’s tragic story which will explain more in depth why you’re get a free gift today.

SWAT Officer Launches Charitable Giveaway After His Brother’s “Accidental” Death

Texas SWAT Officer, Charlie Manning, is committed to this great cause after his brother’s tragic death.

His brother David was accidently shot by a civilian shooter…

The shooter’s intention was to shoot a burglar running out of a convenience store….

But David took the bullet and the wound ended up being fatal.

Being a SWAT officer, Charlie understands the importance of “never-fail accuracy”.

Charlie claims, “if you carry a gun with the intention of using it in an emergency situation, it’s your responsibility to be 100% accurate.”

That’s why trained shooters, police and military ALWAYS use a sight or scope…

To massively increase their chances of hitting their target…

And to massively REDUCE the chance of harming an innocent person by mistake.

Charlie and his team have pitched in to help 300 civilian gun owners…

By giving them a FREE red laser targeting system!

Charlie also said…

“We need more ‘good guys’ carrying in streets. Police can’t always act fast enough. But more importantly we need our ‘good guys’ to be accurate. My little brother is dead because some guy took one bad shot. That’s why I think civilian gun owners should be required to have a sight on their firearm. Since it’s not a law yet, providing gun owners with these high-tech laser sights is the best thing we can think to do.”

Charlie’s team has vowed to give 300 American gun owners a FREE red laser sight…

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Exclusive – Free Knife Belt – V3


Meet the Ultimate Survival and Self-Defense ToolFor Preppers and Outdoorsmen:

  • Invisible blade hidden inside the buckle 
  • Quick draw means you’ll be ready in the blink of an eye
  • Belt adjusts from size 24 to 52 
  • Ultra-sharp steel knife has a point and a serrated blade for fast, easy cuts
  • Belt stays tight and locked when knife is removed
  • No more digging through your pockets or reaching back for a knife, this knife is right where you need it, every time
  • Webbing is super-tough and fits any standard belt loops

Not Available Anywhere Else!

 YES! Send My FREE Renegade Gear Tactical Knife Belt 

Recent Reviews from our CustomersNos FC. (verified buyer) 

This is really well made…It’s much more durable than many of the light weight knives I have bought, and the belt is really comfortable.
I wear this every day now.Robert M. (verified buyer)

Great knife. I use it all the time. And the belt is very comfortable.I don’t use it for self defense so much as a utility knife. I am a flooring contractor and am constantly needing to open boxes and cut plastic. This is the fastest and easiest knife I’ve ever had.
I bought two, one to give to my Dad for Father’s Day. Thanks guys,Bruce Johnson (verified buyer)

LOVE this! The blade is great!I tried to cut the belt a little on the inside just to see how it would wear out, and it was much tougher than I gave it credit for. I carry a holster with a Browning 1910, a large flashlight, and larger knife on the belt and it all still stays tight and sits well.
And I’m a big fella. Nice work guys…

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Exclusive – FREE Donald & Melania Trump Christmas Collector Coin


 Get Yours Today 

  •  Donald TRUMP Merry Christmas Collector Coin
  •  Designed On An Authentic JFK Half Dollar (REAL MONEY)
  •  Limited Quantity Available
  • Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity
  •  Premium Coin Capsule
  •  Coin Display Stand
  •  Quick Shipping

Claim The Limited Edition TRUMP Christmas Coin Before They’re Gone! Make Your Christmas GREAT!

With Easy checkout, Low-Cost shipping, and Fast DeliveryYou won’t find a better deal anywhere.

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Exclusive – Free Winter Beanie

  • ​Fits Heads Of All Sizes
  • ​Quick Shipping From The Heart Of America
  • ​Crafted For Patriots of All Ages & Genders
  • ​Perfect Way To Express Your Patriotism
  • ​​100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Just Cover Shipping CostMSRP: $29.95FREE While Supplies Last

What are other patriots saying about our hats?“I received my hat in the mail today that I ordered for my husband. He loves it! Thank you so much for the quality of the product and prompt shipping!” – Yolanda S. from California 

“The hats are really nice and I appreciate your service!!” – Robert G. from North Carolina“Hats are great! Good quality and fast shipment!” – Vickey A. from Oklahoma

“Love! Love! Love the caps! Got the red cap offer plus ordered the camouflage cap and my husband is thrilled with it! Thanks sooo much for a speedy delivery. Very satisfied!” – Rita C. from Alabama

“Received 2020 trump hat in good condition yesterday; pleased and shall be wearing it often!!” – Nan P. from North Carolina

“This is the third or fourth hat that we have ordered. People keep telling my husband they like it so he has given several away!!! That just about says it all!” – Dana R. from Texas

“Thank you, I have received my merchandise, it arrived in good condition and I am very satisfied with it. I will be ordering more items in the near future. Again thank you for the great customer service.” – Manuel D. from California

With Easy checkout, Low-Cost shipping, and Fast DeliveryYou won’t find a better deal anywhere.

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Truth Finder


Public Records Search

Social Media, Photos, Police Records, Background Checks, Civil Judgments, Contact Information and Much More

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Arctic Blast


“I was kicking with my right leg
immediately the pain was gone…”

“I was going through a tremendous pain on my right leg knee to the extent that I can not walk without an aid but I read about Arctic Blast so I ordered some & when it arrived I used it immediately. I was kicking with my right leg immediately the pain was gone however the pain returned few days later I then continue to use it. This is a good stuff & I already recommended it to some of my Church members.”

– Mark Stengler, Stamford, CT

“My husband’s neuropathic pain
has improved”

“I was searching DSMO and I came across Arctic Blast. I found another one but it requested I use with gloves. I still use Arctic Blast with cotton balls but I don’t want something that if my hands can’t touch. My husband has neuropathy in his hands. They normally hurt at night. Also his feet. Arctic Blast has been great.”

– Marie Buckthorn, Yukon, OK

“…my quality of life had
improved tremendously.”

“Pain in the joints, backache all over my body.

Arctic Blast does help to eliminate pains, it’s marvellous, couldn’t find a word in a dictionary to describe, my quality of life had improved tremendously.”

– Stephanie Briggs, Missoula, MT

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Exclusive – Proflexoral – Joint Relief


Breakthrough Natural Pain Pill From Japan Now Available For A Limited Time in The US

by Chris Peterson, Special Health Investigator
Doctors and patients are rejoicing after hearing the news that Japan’s top pain reliever is now available in the US.
This pill has been used safely in Japan for over 75 years, and the active ingredient can soothe painful inflammation and stiff joints that so many older Americans are suffering from today. 
It also works to rebuild your cartilage and joint material that is destroyed by the aging process.
The pills cost significantly less than prescription drugs, which is critical in this era of skyrocketing health care costs. Some patients reported their pain management costs have been reduced by 87%.
The specially formulated pill is now being offered on a trial basis in the United States under the brand name Proflexoral™.

Eases Pain in Minutes Patients are ecstatic for this incredible joint pain-reliever because it can ease pain in as little as 15 minutes and steadily improves mobility and relieves stiffness over the first 24 hours. 

The active ingredient comes from a natural source that has been proven to reduce painful inflammation. There have been no major side effects in the history of this ingredient.
I felt relief almost immediately in my knees and it just got better from there. I can finally use my hands again. I never go a day without it now. I sleep a lot better too since I don’t wake up stiff and sore in the middle of the night. I recommend Proflexoral™ to all my friends now,” says Don Miller of Ohio.

Ingredient Reverses Joint Destruction Proflexoral™ contains an incredible ingredient with the proven ability to rebuild damaged cartilage and soothe painful inflammation in joints and muscles.
This ingredient is not a drug and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Until now, this amazing ingredient has not been available in the US.

Patient studies have reported no adverse side effects. Many NSAIDS and over the counter pain relievers can damage the stomach lining and kidneys. And many prescription pain drugs are horribly addictive and can cause strokes and heart attacks.
Many patients report that they now enjoy their work and hobbies again thanks to Proflexoral™.

My hands were so painful. I thought I would just have to live with the pain. Nothing else helped, I tried everything. And I was really worried about getting addicted to painkillers. Proflexoral™ is the first thing that has worked in a long long time. And it started working within an hour. Now I work in my garden again and knit clothes for my granddaughter,” Marjorie Taylor of Texas reports.
Sales for Proflexoral™ have skyrocketed in the last few weeks and the company can barely keep up with orders.

How This Revolutionary Ingredient Works

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Exclusive – Solar Power Pack (3 Items Free) Solar Charger, Dry-Bag, Solar Lantern


Cheaper Than Any Amazon Offer!

This Steel River Solar Power Pack was created with your well being in mind. 

Often times, we don’t realize how dependent we are on electricity… this all changes when one of many scenarios occurs, and wipes out your power for an extended amount of time.

Thankfully we’ve countered that issue with this unique solar powered charger, emergency baton, and a go-bag to keep it all together.


And don’t forget…If you’re one of the first 500 customers…it’s FREE.

Even on a cloudy day, the solar panels will extract enough energy to keep your devices charged up.

Whether you’re out camping, hanging out at home, or on a road trip, this device is a must have. This is by far one of our most practical releases to-date here at Steel River, and I worked out a great deal on these bad boys for you!

Checkout the specs and some more images below, but hurry! These are guaranteed to sell out.

Steel River Solar Power Bank Specs

  • Steel River Original
  •  5,000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  •  Emergency LED Flashlight
  •  Extremely Waterproof & Dustproof
  •  Shockproof and Drop Resistant
  •  Works With Phones, GPS, ETC…

Steel River Emergency Baton Specs

  •  Steel River Original
  •  1,000 Lumen Emergency Baton
  •  Lightweight But Extremely Durable
  •  Shockproof and Drop Resistant
  •  3 Light Modes – Strobe / SOS /

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Exclusive – FREE Ghost Glock


All it takes is THREE simple steps and LESS than one hour of total work to complete this unregistered handgun yourself, at home, with simple hand tools!Trump is good news for gun rights, but you never know what could happen behind his back because thousands of local, state and federal officials want to ban guns.
Now is the time for you to get the information you need to ensure that you can defend yourself and your family no matter what the future brings…
When you follow the “Underground Glock-Style” DVD training program you’ll be able to build your own Glock-style 9mm handgun using nothing more than a few common tools.
No expensive milling machines, no 3D printers. All you’ll need is the DVD, a drill or drill press, some common hand tools, and you can build your own untraceable handgun in less than one hour.
With those simple tools and the this breakthrough DVD you’ll be able to build your own 9mm handgun in any configuration imaginable.No Serial Number. No Registration. 100% Legal.
Simplicity is the secret here.
In this simple DVD you’ll discover every step and actually see how to build your very own 9mm Glock-style handgun “off the books” because you’ll watch me as I did in my own basement!
Just follow the steps to make your own, and it’s a LOT easier than you might think…Yes, You Can Build Your Own “Ghost Glock” 9mm Handgun Just Like Mine And The Government Will Never Know About It!

This is a picture of my personal Glock-style 9mm handgun that I built with no serial number and no registration. It’s completely untraceable.

Go ahead click the green button and claim your free copy of the Underground AR-308 DVD and get the Main Manual and 365 days of email and 1-on-1 phone support absolutely free. There are no catches, no hidden billing.

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Exclusive – SoS – Redwood Stiletto Tactical Knife {Previously Pearl Stiletto}


With your permission (and with strict recommendations for caution), I am going to send you one of the most influential and culturally relevant knives ever released in this country…

100% FREE

In fact, immediately following WWII, American soldiers brought this particular blade back to the country… and it created absolute hysteria! There are 3 reasons for all of the madness that ensued during it’s initial release. 1. This unique design originates from Italy. Americans had never seen it until post WWII. 2. It seeped in to popular culture, including the 1960 novel Stiletto by Harold Robbins, the films The Warriors & Twelve Angry Men and even Billy Joel’s 1978 album 52nd Street. 3. But the biggest reason was that it is a lighting fast, automatic opening made it a ruthlessly dangerous weapon and widely desired by anyone looking for a self-protection or overall “badass” knife. And, to really sweeten this offer for you, I am going to give you the Stiletto with White Opal handle

ABSOLUTELY FREEThat’s right! This incredible, historical knife is yours FREE (normally $24.95) – you only pay the cost of Shipping & Handling.

“This has blown away all my expectations”

Why am I sending this to you for FREE? Have I lost my mind?

I’ll be frank with you, it’s a bribe.

I will send this to you for free – yours to keep, no matter what – just to get you to know the self defense secrets and top practical advice from real-deal weapons and self defense experts – and to get you full-blown access to the only close combat and grappling course in the world built as a fool-proof CURRICULUM for self protection against someone bigger and stronger.

You even get access to all of THAT for free, if you choose. It’s a no risk, no obligation, and no “hidden strings” deal for you, and if you’re reading this page now, it may be the last time you see this amazing free offer again.

The curriculum that you’re about to access is called the “National Self-Reliance Initiative,” and it is a completely new way to learn self-defense with weapons, firearms and the deadly art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.It’s been systematically designed so that you can be ready for any attacker in any situation (no matter your size, experience or age). The techniques in this system have taught thousands of “hands on” martial artists who know damn well that…

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Exclusive – Free – Military Torch Flashlight – NO Rebill



Super bright LED Bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours so it will always be ready when you need it!
Literally blindingly bright! Known as the brightest compact flashlight in the world, the “Torch” flashlight beam can be seen over 5 nautical miles away so you can light up anything you want… or signal for help when you need to!
5 Preset Modes (high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe) you can select with an easy button click.
Adjustable zoom focus from 1X all the way to 2000X.
Strobe Mode can temporarily disorient and ruin an attacker’s eyesight so they can’t see what they’re doing to let you safely run away or, if need be, gain the advantage and attack them.
Waterproof so you can use it in the harshest of conditions.
Powerful, yet compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, glove compartment, or backpack so you can keep it with you at all times.
Runs on 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 battery for many hours of continual use (batteries and battery charger not included).
The Torch is the leading compact tactical flashlight in America today so you can count on it to work when you need it.
You’re covered by the Torch’s Unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee: if the Torch ever does fail, we’ll replace it free (just pay the shipping cost).
Warning: Supplies Are Limited And This Offer May End At Any Time!

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Exclusive – Free Tactical Gun Oil

  • Behold – the best all-in-one gun oil & cleaner in the world!
  • This unique low viscosity lubricant is blended with a combination of highest quality synthetic ester and chemical based cleaner to prevent and protect from rust, corrosive damage, dings, scratches, wear & tear. Perfect for ALL handguns and rifles!
  • Or simply… it lubricates and cleans dirt, corrosive & hardened residue while also preventing rust by creating a “shield of armor” on all your gun’s vital parts!
  • Yes it’s 100% FREE and ready to be rush shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee… but only while supplies last so grab yours now!


Trusted By U.S. Military – Rated #1 Gun Oil & Cleaner In The World!

Synthesized with proprietary n-Element nano additive system which creates bonds and plates below the apparent surface, filling voids and reducing friction, while providing high temp resistance – meaning it lubricates all moving parts. No jamming, no misfire!
This unique low viscosity lubricant is blended with a combination of highest quality synthetic ester and a chemical based cleaner to prevent rust and protects from corrosive damage, dings, scratches, wear & tear.
Cleans dirt to make your guns shine like new and removes stuck on hardened residue even after years of abuse to prevent misfires, jamming and potentially explosive damage!
Long lasting so you can go longer in-between cleanings
It’s concentrated so only a dab will do. A little bit goes a long way, no need to drown your gun in slime like with other gun oil brands. This also means a smaller bottle so it’s lighter and easier to carry in your bugout bag.
Even works on all types of knives to prevent rust and remove blood from wild game. Why not, right? Every smart hunter, survivalist and soldier carries a sharp, clean, dependable blade on them at all times. So should you!
Superior corrosion and oxidation protection exceeding RPVOT (Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test) test of 4,000 hrs.
Repels carbon buildup so your ammo fires on command and hits your target dead on.
Multi-Purpose and all-in-one perfect for handguns, rifles, shotguns, air guns…ALL types of firearms!
There’s no expiration date so it’s perfect to stock-up right now and have it available for years to come.
Doesn’t gum up or build up, no sticky residue.
Rated #1 by US Marines and Military Officers.
Protection even in extremely low temperature weather with a pour point excess of -65 ° F – nobody wants their gun to jam from cold weather during hunting season!
Made in the U.S.A. where it should be!

That’s a LOT of benefits from a single brand of concentrated gun oil & cleaner!

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