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Prostate problems are inevitable as you get old, right? Wrong! Page 101 Explains why.The sneaky way I’m maintaining a healthy 110/80 blood pressure consistently. My doctors loves this… (page 139).When a doctor puts you on blood thinners, you’ll want to read page 180. I found this alternative that the doctor was happy with and that you may find helpful to ask your doctor about. The Truth About Cholesterol Medications. After friends seemed to suffer very severe side effects from cholesterol medications, I began looking for natural alternatives — and I found them. The doctor told me “You don’t need to take these pills anymore,” and this is what I’ve been doing… (page 162).

…Plus… How I replenish a steady new flow of youthful testosterone. Here’s the story of how I raised my testosterone and got a much better hormone profile as a man over 50… (page 96). Do you know that certain delicious fats can improve all markers of health in men? I am showing you how to eat these fats if you want to improve your male hormone profile and feel better (page 243).11 Game Changing Medications and Supplements…In my book, I talk about medications and supplements that you may want to discuss with your doctor. My doctor was flabbergasted when I showed him — but he couldn’t argue with my results and is trying them himself now… (page 14). The Secret Foods Of The Longest Living People On Earth. — two secret foods they eat, and one secret they ALL avoid. These are men routinely living past 100. I have done detailed research and discovered some startling facts that gave me great ideas on how I plan to live decades longer…(page 33) The Easiest Way To Exercise. I was exercising too hard…so instead, I do THIS — much more fun and pleasurable, and it is hopefully adding decades of healthy lifespan I can look forward to (page 316).

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