Barbarian XL – Silent Male Plague

“Silent Male Plague” Damages the Sexual Performance of American Men over 45…

I yanked the pillow over my ears, but still couldn’t sleep. The groans and cries of pleasure were just too loud! Since I was visiting my 70-year-old uncle in his retirement village in the country of Oman…

I never expected to hear such passionate lovemaking coming through the walls, from couples that were 50, 60, even 70-years-old!

Especially when I realized we were in a Middle Eastern country without a pharmacy on every corner.

I looked over at my wife, who crossed her arms and glared at me. She asked me what I was already worried about:

“Why can’t YOU perform like that?”

My cheeks burned with humiliation. Why couldn’t I?

I was only 48, for crying out loud!

If I didn’t find the answer, I knew that my sexual frustrations would shatter and destroy my marriage.

Of course, that was before I learned about…

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