Big Tex Ordnance: Huxwrx Flow 6K On Sale! $1,054

Big Tex Ordnance Huxwrx On Sale

The HUXWRX Flow 6K builds upon the success of the Flow 556k, featuring an innovative design made possible through DLMS, 3D-Printing, manufacturing. This 3D-printed Stainless Steel construction allows you to use the HUXWRX Flow 6K on 5.56mm, .223, .17HMR, 5.7, .22LR, 5.45, 6mm, and 6ARC cartridges with NO barrel length restrictions.

The Flow 6K weighs in at 12.4 oz, and adds just 4.9” to your firearm. Backed by HUXWRX’s lifetime warranty, you can shoot the FLOW 6K confidently. Tap into the benefits of Flow-Through Technology today!

Built for the Next Evolution in Precision Shooting

Increased Durability and Power in a Compact Design

Fully DMLS 3D-Printed in Stainless Steel