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Glock Performance Trigger On Sale

Glock 70272 OEM Performance Trigger GEN5 9mm Pistols ($70)

he GLOCK™- Performance Trigger delivers enhanced trigger pull qualities and ergonomics utilizing a newly designed flat-faced trigger. The GLOCK Performance Trigger provides better trigger control resulting in improved shootablity and accuracy while maintaining the safety features of the GLOCK Safe Action System

Glock, Performance Trigger, Flat Faced, Includes Trigger w/Trigger Bar and Complete Trigger Housing, Fits G17 Gen5, G19 Gen5, G26 Gen5, G34 Gen5, G45, G47, G19X

UPC: 764503053856 –  Manufacturer: 70272

The GLOCK Performance Trigger is compatible with the following 9mm models: 

G17 Gen5

G19 Gen5 


G26 Gen5

G34 Gen5