Brownells: LabRadar On Sale For $450

Brownells LabRadar For Sale

The LabRadar Doppler Chronograph provides handloaders with data on the velocity of their handloads with a degree of accuracy and ease of use not found on traditional chronographs. not available to the consumer market until now. That’s because, unlike your dad’s chronograph that uses a pair of photoelectric sensors, the LabRadar Doppler Chronograph works uses radar to measure the velocity of the projectile coming from your rifle, pistol, or shotgun – even works on airgun pellets and arrows. The LabRadar unit sits next to the shooter, so you’ve got easy access to the controls, and points toward the target. No more shooting through small screens, and the LabRadar is totally unaffected by sunlight, fluorescent light, or other lighting conditions.

  • Measures velocities at distances up to 100 yards
  • Records velocities up to 3,900 ft. per second with 0.1 percent accuracy
  • Works with subsonic, transonic or supersonic projectiles
  • Records an almost unlimited number of shots/strings
  • All data is downloadable to PC
  • Powered by six AA batteries
  • Mounts to any standard tripod with 1/4″-20 tpi threads

The LabRadar Doppler Chronograph records shot series and calculates highs, lows, averages, standard deviation and extreme spread. It even calculates IDPA power factors. Note: The LabRadar is available in two versions – the standard model for North America, Australia, and New Zealand, plus a separate, regulatory-compliant European model. Be sure to order the correct model for your region.