Brownells: SOLGW Legacy 5.56 Carbine For Only $900

Brownells SOLGW Rifle Deals

Whether you’re in the market for the perfect home-defense rifle or you need a dedicated tool for professional use, the Sons of Liberty Gunworks Legacy 5.56 Rifle is an affordable way to get into a line of rifles built by some of the best AR builders in the country. Sons of Liberty Gunworks builds every rifle with the thought that it will have to go into combat and survive, and the quality and construction of these guns is a testament to that belief.

Each Sons of Liberty Gunworks Legacy 5.56 is built with a mid-length gas system matched with a tuned gas port that provides the best possible operation without overgassing your gun and wearing out parts. AT the heart of the rifle is a QPQ-nitride finished barrel machined from chrome-moly vanadium steel. The rifle is outfitted with a 1:7-inch twist rate. Inside the receiver, you’ll find the company’s Liberty Fighting Trigger, which provides a short, light reset for faster follow-up shots, as well as an H buffer tuned to run with the mid-length gas system.

  • Barrel length: 16 inches
  • Overall length: 36 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Ships with one 30-round magazine

While much of the Sons of Liberty Gunworks Legacy 5.56 Rifle looks mil-spec, the company has taken pains to ensure that these components are built to the highest production standards, and they’ve even gone above and beyond in small areas. Take the magazine release button, for example. Instead of using aluminum, like the military specifies, SOLGW machines theirs from solid steel to create a more durable product. You can rest easy knowing that this rifle gets all the basics right at a price you can afford.”