Bug Out Med Kit

Any Bug Out Bag worth its salt must always include the essentials. Food, Water, Defense, and above all else: Medical. The Bug Out Med Kit is specifically designed to fit that First Aid requirement. Lightweight, non-bulky, and life-saving, this kit will give you that crucial edge in a hectic, lawless environment.


  • 1x Liquid Skin® 0.5g
  • 1x Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.5g
  • 1x Antacid 420mg
  • 1x Fabric Sticky Bandage
  • 1x Sharpie Marker Red
  • 1x Duct Tape
  • 2x Acetaminophen 500mg 
  • 2x Gauze Sterile Pad 2x2in
  • 2x Ibuprofen 200mg

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