CytoDefend (F+S)


CytoDefend™️ is a highly concentrated, great tasting and highly portable formula—filled with a precise combination of potent, immune-supporting, researched extracts. 

It was designed by one of the leading nutraceutical research scientists in the country to boost immunity in 8 key ways, systematically. 

Just a small dropper full a day can support weak immunity and even strengthen a robust system to “plug up” immunity holes.

It’s exactly what you want for yourself and loved ones…to support a robust immune system.

CytoDefend leverages decades of plant extraction and research experience from one of the top formulation scientists in the world to deliver: 

  • The highest potency, most concentrated, proprietary extracts of each clinically researched ingredient.
  • The precise levels and ratios of each ingredient for maximum immune boosting support and effect.
  • The most portable and durable GLASS bottle—so you can keep in your pocket or purse and have with you all day, every day.

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