Dark Star Gear: Apollo For 1911 Is Live

Dark Star Gear Apollo 1911

Apollo For 1911


The Apollo is optic cut, has dual 1.5” belt clips, and adjustable ride height all as standard. Ambidextrous for all users, without any of the drawbacks or feature limitations found in other holsters. And before you ask, yes it is Enigma compatible.  To carry AIWB, simply add our Dark Wing.  

The Apollo for 1911 fits most 1911 pattern handguns with a rounded trigger guard and a standard slide profile.  It is designed as a full rail, accommodating the Colt M45-A1 and larger Colt Rail Gun frames.  Simply put, if it says Colt on the slide, it should fit.  There is a catch.  In order to fit ALL Colt’s, there will be some movement of the gun in the holster when it’s not worn if the rail is smaller or shorter than the M45-A1 frame.  The gun is secure, but the clearances designed to fit all Colt’s will leave some room for movement with those that do not have the same rail.  This is all but gone when worn.  Our goal was to ensure a 1911 afficanado could have one holster for all of their 1911’s, even if they are left handed..