Dark Star Gear: The Apollo For The SIG P320

Dark Star Gear Apollo 320 Holster

The Apollo is optic cut, has dual 1.5” belt clips, and adjustable ride height all as standard. Ambidextrous for all users, without any of the drawbacks or feature limitations found in other holsters. And before you ask, yes it is Enigma compatible.  To carry AIWB, simply add our Dark Wing.

The Apollo for the Sig Sauer P320 is designed to fit all factory P320’s up to 4″, or the “Carry” length, including the P320-M18 with a thumb safety. 

P320 Carry
P320 X-Carry
P320 Compact
P320 RXP Compact
P320 RXP XCompact
P320 XCompact
P320 Nitron Compact
Grayguns P320 AXG Carry
Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry
Wilson Combat WCP320 Compact
The Grayguns Laser-Sculpted Grip Modules, Wilson Combat WCP320 Grip Modules, and Boresight Solutions Grip Modules will also fit, up to 4″ length.