EuroOptic: Walther Handgun Deals

EuroOptic Walther Handgun Deals

EuroOptic has a bunch of Walther handgun models on sale right now. Check them all out here.

Walther Arms CCP M2 .380 ACP 3.54″ Bbl SS/Blk Pistol w/(2) 8rd  Mags 5082501 ($369)

Walther’s Concealed Carry Pistol (aka CCP) is a low profile, polymer framed pistol that utilizes the innovative Softcoil gas technology. This advanced system works by directing some of the gasses from a fired cartridge through a gas port and into a gas cylinder. The pressure in the cylinder acts against a piston attached to the slide, and by opposing the rearward motion, felt recoil is effectively reduced to almost nothing. The Softcoil gas technology also greatly mitigates muzzle rise making follow up shots quick and accurate, and makes racking the slide easy regardless of hand strength. Other features of the Walther CCP include a highly ergonomic grip, which naturally conforms to the shooter’s hand and aggressive texturing offers superior control. In addition, the CCP can be disassembled without the use of tools, and the safety can be reversed to accommodate left handed shooters.

Walther Arms PPQ M2 Q5 Match 9mm 5″ Bbl Pistol w/(3) 15rd Mags 2846926 ($630)

The Q5 M2 Match is Walther’s take on practical modern shooting. The Q5 M2 Match preforms with hair splitting accuracy directly out of the box, and comes packed with features usually found on custom made handguns. It features fully adjustable LPA sights with a high visibility fiber optic red sight, and a pre-milled slide for the installation of a micro red dot. The Q5 M2 Match also sports a Quick Defense Trigger to deliver a short, smooth, straight-back trigger pull with a remarkably fast reset. In addition, this handgun comes with interchangeable backstraps, allowing it to be customized to the individual user’s hands.

Features of the Walther Arms Q5 M2 Match:

  • Adjustable LPA sights
  • Optics ready slide
  • Quick defense trigger
  • Interchangeable backstraps

Walther Arms PPQ M2 Q5 Match SF PRO 9mm 5″ Bbl Pistol w/(3) 10rd Mags 2854678 ($1300)

Walther’s Q5 Match Steel Frame Pistol was designed for extreme performance and comes packed with features typically found on custom-made handguns. The Q5’s steel frame is milled out of a single piece of steel billet, this solid, single piece design perfectly distributes the weight, for a significant reduction in felt recoil and a substantial improvement in accuracy. The frame also has extended beavertail and a wraparound grip panel for improved ergonomics and a picatinny rail for the installation of lights and lasers. In addition, the slide has front and rear cocking serrations for positive cocking manipulation and is ported to reduce muzzle climb. In addition, the Q5’s slide has been pre-milled and is optics ready right out of the box.

Features of the Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Pistol:

  • Performance magwell and +2 aluminum plates
  • Optics ready
  • Ported
  • LPA sights
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • 17, 15 and 10 round magazines available