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As hard as it is to believe…

The #1 killer in a crisis isn’t the crazy doomsday scenario you probably think of when imagining a survival situation.

It’s not an EMP, it’s not zombies, and it’s not even starvation or disease.

Statistically the #1 thing that’ll kill you is exposure to the elements.

Research done by both FEMA and the CDC indicates exposure to the elements is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the nation.

Shockingly more than 5,000 Americans die of exposure every year.

It could happen any time, Armageddon or not.

Which is why you need a way to protect yourself from it.

And the Emergency Sleeping Bag will do just that in a way no other survival tool can.

NASA Uses The Material In This Bag To
Keep Astronauts Warm

One of the best materials you can use to stay warm and protected is called polyethylene.

Polyethylene is incredibly effective at keeping you nice and toasty when the weather’s nasty because it reflects 90% of your body heat back to you.

That’s why NASA stockpiles it in their rocket ships to help protect astronauts from the bitter cold of space.

Our Emergency Sleeping Bag is made out of 100% polyethylene.

This ensures this survival tool will trap your body heat around you while keeping the freezing wind and water out.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that every single American who wants to stay protected from exposure should have at least one of these Emergency Sleeping Bags with them at all times.

Here’s What Makes The Emergency Sleeping Bag
An Absolute Essential

Because exposure to the elements is one of the nation’s leading causes of accidental death you MUST have an Emergency Sleeping Bag.

Without it a survival kit is incomplete and you’re just begging for trouble.

Be aware, the Emergency Sleeping Bag isn’t an ordinary sleeping bag.

Here’s what makes it exceptional for keeping you safe from the #1 killer in a crisis.

  • 100x lighter than a regular sleeping bag: Unlike typical sleeping bags which tip the scale at several pounds, the Emergency Sleeping Bag is just 4.7 oz in weight.

    Meaning it weighs less than a zippo lighter.

    This ensures you can truly carry this bag with you wherever you go.

  • Smaller than a soda can: Not only is the Emergency Sleeping Bag incredibly lightweight, it’s also insanely compact.

    In fact, it’s smaller than a soda can.

    This means you can easily store it anywhere (go-bag, glove compartment, kitchen drawer, etc). so it’s ready when you need it.

  • Expands to fit anyone: Even though this bag folds up smaller than a soda can, it unfolds to an incredible 7 feet long x 3 ft wide. This ensures the Emergency Sleeping Bag is large enough to fit just about anyone.

    To use, simply remove the bag from the included stuff sack. Unfold it, and open it like a pillowcase. Slide inside, and you’ll be safe from the elements!

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