Exclusive – Free Lock Picking Training

How To Pick Virtually Any Household Lock in UNDER 30 Seconds

Save yourself the embarrassment of locking your keys in your house… and never waste your time or money on a locksmith again.

Hi, Jason Hanson here.
I’m a former CIA Officer and I’ve been blessed to have some amazing training — including quickly escaping handcuffs, casing homes for security weaknesses, escape and evasion driving, and how to recognize (and lose) someone following me.
But, one of the skills I use most often is the ability to pick a lock.

And with what I’m about to show you, you too can learn how to pick virtually any household lock in under 30 seconds.
Even if you’ve never tried to pick a lock in your life.
Your newfound skills will come in handy when…

  • You misplace the key to that desk drawer or filing cabinet housing several important documents you need access to RIGHT NOW
  • Your neighbor locks themselves out and you get to heroically come to their rescue (I do this all the time)
  • You briefly step out to bring in the trash cans and realize you can’t get back inside
  • You can’t get that newly copied key to work because the cut is just sliiiiiiiightly off
  • You want to test the locks on your home to ensure they’re up to snuff (I hate to break it to you — they probably aren’t.)

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt lock picking is a crucial skill that everyone should have in their back pocket. There’s no telling when you might need it.
And, I am confident I can train you to pick a lock in less than 30 seconds.

Even if you’ve never tried… or have tried but could never “get it.”
How can I be so sure?
Well, it’s all thanks to this handy little device right here that I’m going to give you for FREE.

Together, these tools will teach you how to pick a lock like a pro—in no time.
Once you learn how to pick locks, you’ll be amazed at how often you put this skill to use.
Measuring only ⅛” thick, this compact lock pick set fits all the lock picking instruments you’ll need in your wallet, including…

  • A small half-diamond pick
  • A short hook pick
  • A snake rake (or C-rake) pick
  • An L-rake pick
  • And a flat tension wrench

With these five simple tools, no basic home lock will ever hold you. You’ll won’t have to call a locksmith again.

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