Exclusive – Proflexoral – Joint Relief

Breakthrough Natural Pain Pill From Japan Now Available For A Limited Time in The US

by Chris Peterson, Special Health Investigator
Doctors and patients are rejoicing after hearing the news that Japan’s top pain reliever is now available in the US.
This pill has been used safely in Japan for over 75 years, and the active ingredient can soothe painful inflammation and stiff joints that so many older Americans are suffering from today. 
It also works to rebuild your cartilage and joint material that is destroyed by the aging process.
The pills cost significantly less than prescription drugs, which is critical in this era of skyrocketing health care costs. Some patients reported their pain management costs have been reduced by 87%.
The specially formulated pill is now being offered on a trial basis in the United States under the brand name Proflexoral™.

Eases Pain in Minutes Patients are ecstatic for this incredible joint pain-reliever because it can ease pain in as little as 15 minutes and steadily improves mobility and relieves stiffness over the first 24 hours. 

The active ingredient comes from a natural source that has been proven to reduce painful inflammation. There have been no major side effects in the history of this ingredient.
I felt relief almost immediately in my knees and it just got better from there. I can finally use my hands again. I never go a day without it now. I sleep a lot better too since I don’t wake up stiff and sore in the middle of the night. I recommend Proflexoral™ to all my friends now,” says Don Miller of Ohio.

Ingredient Reverses Joint Destruction Proflexoral™ contains an incredible ingredient with the proven ability to rebuild damaged cartilage and soothe painful inflammation in joints and muscles.
This ingredient is not a drug and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Until now, this amazing ingredient has not been available in the US.

Patient studies have reported no adverse side effects. Many NSAIDS and over the counter pain relievers can damage the stomach lining and kidneys. And many prescription pain drugs are horribly addictive and can cause strokes and heart attacks.
Many patients report that they now enjoy their work and hobbies again thanks to Proflexoral™.

My hands were so painful. I thought I would just have to live with the pain. Nothing else helped, I tried everything. And I was really worried about getting addicted to painkillers. Proflexoral™ is the first thing that has worked in a long long time. And it started working within an hour. Now I work in my garden again and knit clothes for my granddaughter,” Marjorie Taylor of Texas reports.
Sales for Proflexoral™ have skyrocketed in the last few weeks and the company can barely keep up with orders.

How This Revolutionary Ingredient Works

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