Exclusive – SoS – Redwood Stiletto Tactical Knife {Previously Pearl Stiletto}

With your permission (and with strict recommendations for caution), I am going to send you one of the most influential and culturally relevant knives ever released in this country…

100% FREE

In fact, immediately following WWII, American soldiers brought this particular blade back to the country… and it created absolute hysteria! There are 3 reasons for all of the madness that ensued during it’s initial release. 1. This unique design originates from Italy. Americans had never seen it until post WWII. 2. It seeped in to popular culture, including the 1960 novel Stiletto by Harold Robbins, the films The Warriors & Twelve Angry Men and even Billy Joel’s 1978 album 52nd Street. 3. But the biggest reason was that it is a lighting fast, automatic opening made it a ruthlessly dangerous weapon and widely desired by anyone looking for a self-protection or overall “badass” knife. And, to really sweeten this offer for you, I am going to give you the Stiletto with White Opal handle

ABSOLUTELY FREEThat’s right! This incredible, historical knife is yours FREE (normally $24.95) – you only pay the cost of Shipping & Handling.

“This has blown away all my expectations”

Why am I sending this to you for FREE? Have I lost my mind?

I’ll be frank with you, it’s a bribe.

I will send this to you for free – yours to keep, no matter what – just to get you to know the self defense secrets and top practical advice from real-deal weapons and self defense experts – and to get you full-blown access to the only close combat and grappling course in the world built as a fool-proof CURRICULUM for self protection against someone bigger and stronger.

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