Exclusive – War Hawk 10,000 METER BINOCULARS

Fellow Survivalist, 
The gear you carry can quickly become the difference between life and death…
And when your life’s on the line all you have is what you brought to the table, but I bet that isn’t news to you.
What might surprise you though, is the type of gear that’s important. 
Most people’s gut reaction when they think survival is the right gun or the right knife. 
The last thing people think is optics. 
Having the right pair of optics can get you out of trouble before you ever need any of your other gear.
Seeing those attackers before they see you, spotting that trail before you become more lost, or even just making sure the way ahead is clear.

The War-Hawk Binoculars From 2Apromo’s Deserves Its Place In Your Gear!

We’re sure you’ve seen some of our other survival gear and know our experience with newer tech and EDC item’s
After reviewing and testing gear for years we know an amazing find when it comes around, and we would never show you anything we personally haven’t tested and held with our own hands.
We present this to you today because we’ve seen it routinely skipped on bug out bag checklists.
We get it, when we ask most people they say for survival and safety they turn to their hunting scope. 
And that is fine If you don’t have anything else. 
A rifle scope can spot far away objects, but binoculars are better for this purpose because they cover a larger field of view.  
Binoculars will allow you to spot whatever you are looking for a lot quicker than a small scope. In a disaster, when time is of the essence, you’d want the faster option.
Plus a rifle scope creates the possibility that you will be perceived as a threat. As you are pointing the rifle (with the scope) at someone.  Sure, you know what you’re doing but strangers would not and may become aggressive toward you. 
This is why having a reliable set of binoculars is so important. They create an advantage you just can’t get anyway else.


  • Easily observe people or things 6 miles away by using it.
  • Built-in night vision: Allows you to use it normally at night.
  • Easy To Carry: Comes with a carry case and lanyard. 
  • Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design: Waterproof with rubberized grips. Designed to last a lifetime. 
  • Anti-Glare: Designed with a special red tint to never give away position and always work when you need it.
  • This binocular is made of quality rubber that is durable and shock resistant!

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