Exodus Effect CBD


The Old Testament “Error” That Caused Life Expectancies To Drop By 375%…

And How You Can Quickly Fix This Error To Add An Extra 5, 10, even 15 Healthy Years To Your Life – Free From Pain & Discomfort.

Dr. Benet’s Dangerous Discovery

In 1939, Dr Sula Benet found an apparent error in the bible: A mistranslated word that according to Benet, revealed the lost recipe to God’s healing oil.

Unprecedented Healing

Those who have used this oil, including many non-Christians have reported almost “miracle healing”… including relief from arthritis, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, prostate issues, alzheimer’s, heart disease… and 51 other deadly condition – see the PROOF in the video above.

Why It Might Change What It Means To Be A Christian

For many Christians, this biblical breakthrough goes against everything they’ve ever believed… and they are torn, because this lost secret heals like nothing they’ve ever seen… so they have to choose between their old beliefs, or their pain.

How The US Government Is Taking Control

The government has never been shy about protecting its interests, including PAC’s, the IRS, big pharma, and left wing agendas. And congress is aware of this breakthrough, in fact, they recently took out a patent on it, and now control the fate of this “ancient healing technology”

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