Extreme Gun Butter

Feel the Difference with your Slide or Bolt Immediately. No Metal on Metal Sound from the Slide Stays Where it’s Supposed To …

Common Questions & Answers

  • USES: Lubricate – Protect – Reduces Wear & Tear
  • BENEFITS: Suited for extreme conditions, decreases friction, protects for rust & corrosion, eliminates gun malfunctions
  • ​Does The Lube Repel Carbon? YES! Best on the market
    ​​Will This Lube Work On ALL Guns? YES! We recommended you use this on all your guns
    ​Is Lube Good For All Climates? YES! Go out into the elements with confidence protected from weather ranging from hail to a dust storm
    ​Does Lube Stay Where It’s Applied? YES! Proprietary formula bonds to metal, lube doesn’t migrate
  • ​Can I Use This For Long Term Storage? Yes! Excellent for long-term storage
  • ​​Is This Made In The USA? YES! Produced, packaged and shipped from the USA – Veteran Owned

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Rated #1 Gun Lube By Firearms Experts Around The Country 

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