GrabAGun: Canik Rival-S Darkside For $899

GrabAGun Canik Rival-S Darkside on sale for $899


The Canik SFx Rival-S Darkside is taking steel framed pistols to the next level! With a proven design in the award winning Canik SFx Rival and the weight needed to manage even more recoil, this plate form is truly ready to beat even the fiercest of competitor while doing it at a price point you simply cant afford not to take advantage of!

CANiK is proud to announce the next step in superior firearms with the creation of the SFx RIVAL-S. This steel framed pistol is the evolution of the multi-award winning SFx RIVAL in that the ergonomics of the platform are the same but now the firearm is an all metal design.

The 2.61 lb./1185g SFx Rival-S Darkside, is 8.09”/205.5mm long, with a 5”/127mm barrel length, is 1.41”/36mm wide, and has a height of 5.75”/145mm. The SFx RIVAL-S is chambered in 9mm, and with the additional weight and aluminum 90° break flat trigger, is sure to decrease recoil and improve split times and accuracy! Simply put, this Canik is “FORGED FOR SUPERIORITY!!”