GrabAGun: CZ 457 MTR Walnut Stock .22 LR On Sale

GrabAGun CZ Rifles On Sale

The CZ 457 Varmint MTR rifle is a bolt action of fine engineering. Designed with traditional bolt action hunting rifles in mind, the 457 Varmint MTR delivers a modern hunting rifle you can use with confidence. Chambered in rimfire .22 LR, it delivers enough power to take down smaller game and varmints while maintaining the pelts so they can be skinned.

The features of this CZ 457 include a heavy 20.5-inch barrel and a precisely cut chamber that delivers precision accuracy and swift maneuverability, allowing you to hit the mark every time. This rifle also has an engineered ergonimic walnut wood stock with a palm swell that provides better control and handling. Additional features adjustable trigger, and a swappable barrel and stock system like the previous CZ 455, allowing for a premium and customizable experience. To make mounting a scope easier, the 457 Varmint features a 60-degree bolt rotation instead of 90 degrees, for scopes with lower heights to be mounted. It also has dual QD studs for use with a bipod or sling. It also features a 5-round polymer magazine.