GrabAGun: Taurus 692 Revolver For $649

GrabAGun Taurus 692 Tracker Revolver On Sale

The Taurus 692 Tracker revolver is an ideal companion for personal and home defense as well as simply shooting more rounds at the range. The 692 Tracker offers the ability to change the caliber from 38 Special P / 357 Magnum, to 9mm Luger with a simple swap of the cylinder. The ported barrel manages recoil for quicker target re-acquisition. The 692 revolver has fixed front/adjustable rear sights, spurred hammer and Taurus’ Ribber Grip, and a transfer bar safety. Included are Stellar clips. This Taurus model has a 3″ carbon steel barrel and matte stainless finish.

The Taurus 692 is a versatile revolver that has quickly become a favorite among gun enthusiasts. With its 7-shot cylinder, the gun can handle 9mm, .357 Magnum and .38 Special ammunition, giving users the ability to switch between the three calibers with little modifications. Additionally, the 692 features a 3-inch barrel and an ergonomic grip that ensures a comfortable and stable shooting experience. The gun also includes adjustable rear sights and a fixed front sight, making it easy to aim and shoot accurately. Overall, the Taurus 692 is a reliable and versatile revolver that offers users a lot of value for their money.