GrabAGun: Taurus TX22 Gen2 TORO .22 Pistol For $295

GrabAGun TX 22 TORO Taurus On Sale

The TX22 Gen 2 TORO stands out with its striker-fired action, ensuring a consistent and smooth trigger pull, enhancing both safety and shooting accuracy. The adjustable sights, featuring a white dot front and serrated rear, facilitate quick and accurate target acquisition. The pistol’s optics-ready TORO (Taurus Optic Ready Option) slide allows for easy mounting of a wide range of reflex sights without the need for additional adapters.

Additional features include a 1/2×28 threaded barrel that accommodates various muzzle devices such as suppressors, enhancing the pistol’s versatility in different shooting conditions. The lightweight design, weighing only 17.3 ounces, makes it comfortable to handle for extended periods, ideal for training and target practice.