GrabAGun: Tisas 9mm 1911 Raider For $469

Tisas Raider 1911 For $469 GrabAGun

Finished in a resilient Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, both the frame and slide are crafted from durable steel, ensuring longevity and reliable operation. The frame also incorporates a beavertail to protect the shooter’s hand from the moving slide and to ensure a higher and tighter grip. This aids in reducing muzzle flip, ensuring faster follow-up shots. Additionally, the frame features a Picatinny rail, allowing the user to mount lights, lasers, or other tactical accessories.

For ease of operation, the Raider Carry incorporates a 3-Dot Novak sight configuration, a widely respected setup that enables quick and accurate target acquisition. The sight style is fixed, meaning they do not adjust but offer a clean sight picture for most shooting scenarios. The slide is serrated, assisting in racking and manipulations.

The pistol’s grips are made of textured G10 material in Black/FDE, providing a solid grip even in adverse conditions. The material is both tough and lightweight, making it ideal for handgun grips