Guardian Gear Tactical Sunglasses

  • TR90 Polymer Memory Material: TR90 frames can easily bend at any angle. They are flexible, durable and tough enough to absorb hard impacts.  
  • High Impact Resistant Lens: Our PC lenses are 
    10x more impact-resistant than other lenses. They also offer 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
  • 5 Easily Interchangeable Lenses: Different environments require different lenses. Our 5 lens approach gives you the glasses you need when you need it and they’re shatter proof.  
  • 2 ways to wear: Guardian glasses can be worn traditionally or with the arm replacing Croakie style headband for when you are involved in outdoor activities. 
  • Myopia Glasses Frame Included: Insert for nearsightedness; easily fits behind the lenses. 
  • Built For Comfort: Both the TR90 frames and PC lenses offer an ultra lightweight experience. The flexibility of the frame allows the glasses to conform to your face. 

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