HVNSleep Mask

STOP SNORING tonight – and for the rest of your life! Breakthrough Biofeedback device stops snoring FAST – and WITHOUT any harmful drugs or uncomfortable headgear!

My snoring was making my life miserable. Even when it didn’t wake me up, it would ruin my sleep. The next day I’d feel completely exhausted, like I hadn’t even slept at all. I’d wake up with terrible bad breath, and even painful sinus headaches. And not getting any decent sleep was actually making me look older than I really was. It was a serious problem. But not just for me, either. It was even worse for my wife. I mean, sometimes I would manage to sleep through my snoring, but she never could. It got so bad, she even gave me a nickname, “Mack” – because my snoring sounded like a Mack Truck revving it’s engine! My snoring finally got so bad I had to move into our spare bedroom. At least that meant my wife could get a decent night’s sleep.

I decided I needed to do some research into snoring. It turns out that about40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers. That’s a LOT of people getting their sleep ruined! But it’s worse than that, actually. Far worse.

The HVNSLEEP Mask uses advanced electronic Biofeedback to stop snoring FAST! Forget about smelly creams and nasal sprays. Forget about uncomfortable chin straps that make you feel like Darth Vader is picking you up by your throat. And forget about ridiculous headgear that makes you look like a Top Gun pilot every time you crawl into bed! The HVNSLEEP Mask is ridiculously comfortable to wear. In fact, it looks just like one of those masks that blocks out the light to help you sleep. Imagine that – a stop-snoring device that actually HELPS you sleep instead of hindering it!

But the HVNSLEEP Mask mask is far more advanced than any ordinary light-blocking mask! It uses biofeedback to measure the vibrations in your facial bones caused by snoring – and immediately triggers a gentle vibration that stops snoring DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. This vibration is so gentle, most wearers will sleep right through it. But it is strong enough to BREAK the chain of snoring, stopping you from snoring the moment it gets triggered!

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