Lockedin Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk Now Available

Liquid chalk is used by participants in other activities such as rock climbing or weight lifting, but savvy competitive shooters and serious firearms training students, both known for shooting at high volumes, have adapted existing chalk products to aid them in building and maintaining solid handgun shooting grips. Chalk helps to not only enhance the surface texture of the handgun’s grip itself. Besides that, shooters can place chalk on the knuckles and fingers of their strong hand to provide additional purchase for the support hand when shooting with a proper two-handed shooting grip. 

The Complete Combatant flips the script on performance shooting chalk with Lockedin Grip. Its focus is to optimize a connection between the shooter’s hands and their firearm. It’s easy to apply and spread and a little goes a long way. On top of that, Lockedin Grip Shooting Chalk comes in convenient 50 ml bottles with carabiner clips or 30 ml pouches that will easily fit in a range bag, gear pouch or your back pocket. To place an order for Lockedin Grip, please visit Lockedin Grip.com.