LuckGunner: MAXXTech 9mm $229 per 1K Case

Luckgunner 9mm ammo on sale

“Too much 9mm ammo.” We understand what each of those words mean, but they just don’t make any sense when they’re placed together. If you feel the same way, when you’ll love this bulk two-case bundle of MAXXTech Brass 9mm ammunition!

This ammo was made by Pobjeda Technology: an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s brass-cased, albeit not suitable for handloading. It’s Boxer primed, and just as noncorrosive as anything made by Remington, Winchester or Hornady. It’s also priced just right for high-volume shooting!

This round hits the mark with a 124 grain full metal jacket projectile. Zero steel to be found inside that bullet – just a copper-zinc alloy jacket and solid lead core that won’t run into any trouble at an indoor range. The middleweight bullet ought to scream out of a pistol’s 4” barrel at a rate of 1,126 fps, which makes its muzzle velocity just on the cusp of supersonic.