LuckyGunner: Prvi 5.56mm Ammo $480/case

Privi Partizan LuckyGunner

This ammo’s boxes say “.223 Rem./5,56 M193.” That’s just a clerical hiccup. We have confirmed that it is indeed 5.56 M193!

This 5.56×45 cartridge by Prvi Partizan is perfect for range time, but also something you might like to keep tucked away in the recesses of your closet in preparation for an emergency. It is a true M193 like the U.S. Army uses.

This round’s 55 grain bullet delivers in-flight ballistics like any 5.56 fan must know intimately. The bullet’s full metal jacket supports reliable feeding in a semi-auto just like it was designed to, but unlike other FMJs the bullet is known to fragment to create a more disastrous wound channel within soft tissue. The bullet’s tapered base grants it a more streamlined form, letting it retain a better portion of its velocity far downrange for a flatter trajectory and greater energy to transfer on impact.

Prvi Partizan is based in Serbia, where they were founded in 1927. Don’t mistake their ammo for that other manufacturers from the other side of Europe, as they use only nonmagnetic bullets, new and reloadable brass shell casings, and non-corrosive Boxer primers. A prepper with a loading bench knows they can make thousands more rounds out of this case of ammo!