MGW: Mecanik M01 Red-Dot Sight $215

Description:┬áCanik MECANIK MO1 Micro Red Dot Sight. This precision-machined aluminum micro red dot sight from MECANIK, the advanced optics division of Canik, pairs with your favorite pistol via its Shield RMSc footprint; this includes the METE series from Canik. The sight showcases a green lens with a 3 MOA dot and desirable features such as shake-awake, auto brightness, moisture/shock resistance, auto on/off and more. The 1x magnification sight has overall dimensions of 1.64″L x 0.98″W x 0.93″H giving the shooter plenty of view and co-witness capabilities in a lightweight/capable package.

The MECANIK MO1 tactical micro-optic reflex sight TCF (Tactical Concave Face) allows operators to grasp their pistols from the slide more effectively. It also helps to rack their pistols with one hand at the waist band more successfully. The high technology motion sensor in the MECANIK MO1, helps the battery life to be preserved when the optics are not in use.


  • 3 MOA Red Dot Sight
  • It is designed for duty and concealed carry pistols.
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment (10 level)
  • Thanks to the hi-tech motion sensor, it turns off when not in use. It starts working again when motion is detected.
  • Low-profile design that can be used with co-witness feature.
  • Thanks to its high quality super led feature, it has a clearer dot compared to its competitors.
  • MECANIK MO1 comes pre-zeroed out of the factory for METE series pistol.
  • Parallax-Free