Nite Defender Pro

What is Nite Defender Pro?

This ‘Breakthrough Invention’ is the ultimate solution to preventing home invasions without breaking the bank. It’s secret is it uses military-grade sensors and night vision technology to detect motion from an intruder and blast the area with 5 Ultra-Bright LED lights. 

Don’t live in fear of intruders breaking into your home. Nite Defender Pro lets you rest easy at night knowing your family is safe.

Simply attach Nite Defender Pro to the side of your home in a few minutes. It’s so easy-to-use, solar powered and doesn’t need any wiring or complicated installation.

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– Feel Safe & Protected in your Home at Night:

Sit back & relax inside your home without the constant worry of your family being the next victim of a home invasion.

– Defend Your Home Against Wild Animals:

Nite Defender Pro can detect movement from animals. Including unwanted Raccoons & Bears that can ravage through your trash and put your family in danger. 

– Advanced Motion Detection:

Nite Defender Pro military-grade motion activation constantly scans for intruders. Once one enters its 120° range, they are immediately blasted with 5 ultra-bright LED lights and deter them from entering your home.

– Solar Powered, No Wiring:

Traditional home security systems run ugly wiring and add on to your electricity bill! Some even make you replace the batteries every few months. Nite Defender Pro uses hyper-efficient solar panel charging to power itself for years & years without any maintenance. 

– Affordable:

Other home security systems will cost you hundreds of dollars for just the equipment. Combine that with the cost of professional installation and you are wasting thousands of dollars. Nite Defender Pro gives you peace of mind for a fraction of the cost.

– Durable in the Weather:

Nite Defender Pro was created with an IP65 weatherproof rating to make it tough enough to withstand the weather conditions at your house. Making sure it gives you protection for years to come. CHECK CURRENT AVAILABILITY →

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