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The Steel River ‘No. 1’ Gentleman’s Knife


Recently, my team and I were asked to collaborate on a new gentleman’s knife.And I know what you are thinking, because I was in the same place – the last thing I need is my grandfather’s knife.

As I was about to decline, I realized we had the opportunity to redesign the standard of what a Gentleman’s knife was, so I accepted.

We immediately stripped Steel River’s demo knife down to the frame and started over. 

The wood handle was scrapped (because we love trees?) and a brand new Stainless Steel, contoured handle was added with thumb jimping for ultimate control in any condition.

Then came the blade – the original blade as a fine, traditional blade – good for opening envelopes and everyday use…

And we swapped it out for a ceramic coated trail point – making this one of the most versatile knives we have ever carried.

Finally, as we were about to pat ourselves on the back and have a drink, we made one more startling revelation about our creation – if we would just put 2 more holes in the back, we could adjust the belt clip for completely customizable carry options.

And that was it – we designed our first knife – Number 1. 

And thus, the first Tactical Gentleman’s Knife was born – and I know you are going to love it!

Take a look at this amazing new blade!

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Truth Finder


Public Records Search

Social Media, Photos, Police Records, Background Checks, Civil Judgments, Contact Information and Much More!

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Special Operations Vet Discovers a Pistol and Carbine Shooting System That Shocks Even Seasoned SEAL, Delta, JTF2 and CSOR Operators With Its Simplicity And Accuracy


I thought I was an expert shooter. However… The chaos of my first firefight with the Taliban was a humbling experience.

After years of elite military and SWAT weapons training on the range I could hit a dime sized target 50 yards out, 9 times out of 10. Yet when the bullets started flying during my first gunfight in Afghanistan, my only contribution to the effort was wasting thousands of dollars of ammo.

To this day I’m not sure if a single bullet found its mark! Which is crazy when you think about it…

It’s not like I was not prepared! I had spent 4 hours before the mission making sure my weapon was accurate, I was considered an elite shooter by the military and I had these guys dead to rights.

But with the stress and confusion all around me, I couldn’t hit a single target.

Luckily, I made it out alive…

And I’ll tell you how that whole scene washed out in a minute…

First I want to assure you that my failure that day was actually a godsend. For me AND for you, because that gunfight was a turning point for me…

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Iconic Italian Stiletto Blade Finally Released To Public


With your permission (and with strict recommendations for caution), I am going to send you one of the most influential and culturally relevant knives ever released in this country…

In fact, immediately following WWII, American soldiers brought this particular blade back to the country… and it created absolute hysteria!

There are 3 reasons for all of the madness that ensued during it’s initial release.

1. This unique design originates from Italy. Americans had never seen it until post WWII.

2. It seeped in to popular culture, including the 1960 novel Stiletto by Harold Robbins, the films The Warriors & Twelve Angry Men and even Billy Joel’s 1978 album 52nd Street.

3. But the biggest reason was that it is a lighting fast, automatic opening made it a ruthlessly dangerous weapon and widely desired by anyone looking for a self-protection or overall “badass” knife.

And, to really sweeten this offer for you, I am going to give you the Stiletto with White Opal handle

The Steel River Midnight Pearl Stiletto Knife

  • 3.5″ Black Coated – Stainless Steel Blade
  • 5″ White Opal Handle – Very Comfortable Grip
  • Incredibly Fast Opening: Fastest Opening Knife in Entire SOS Product Line
  • Spring Assisted Stiletto
  • Belt Clip
  • Liner Locking System


That’s right! This incredible, historical knife is yours FREE (normally $24.95) – you only pay the cost of Shipping & Handling.

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Former CIA Officer Reveals The 37 Critical Items You Must Have to Build The Ultimate “Escape Bag”


Forget everything you think you know about bug out bags. Inside this book, a former CIA Officer reveals the 37 critical items you need to survive a crisis – the same gear used by intelligence operatives and special operations.

Hi. Jason here. 

I’d like to introduce you to Patty Anderson.
She’s a wife and mother of two children.
Not too long ago, she thought she was going to die and never see her family again.
Because during a blizzard that slammed the east coast she was trapped in her car for hours on end… Without any type of “survival bag” to provide food, water, or warmth.
In fact, here’s what the New York Post said about her incident…

“Stranded for hours on a snow-covered road, [she] prayed, took out a sheet of loose-leaf paper and wrote what she thought might be her last words to her husband and children.
Thankfully, Patty made it home to her family, but not everyone does.”

A couple from Salt Lake City, Utah went for a drive in the mountains when their car got trapped in the snow. Unable to free the car and without proper supplies, both their bodies were found a few days later.
Obviously, this is a tragedy, but it didn’t have to happen. 
The fact is, because of a weather emergency, terrorist attack, economic collapse, or any number of disasters…
Every American needs to have what I call an “Escape Bag” to keep themselves and their family alive in a crisis situation.  

And today, I’m going to give you my book- for FREE- called The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis.

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The Shockwave Torch Is A Superior Self-Defense Weapon


It’s scary to see what’s happening to America, isn’t it?

Think about what you see on the news all the time now.

Every single day you hear reports of people just like youbeing attacked, beaten, raped and even killed…

Terrifyingly, it usually happens for the dumbest reasons; like someone getting assaulted for wearing a Donald Trump hat,or murdered for their expensive phone.

Worse yet is how this violence shows no sign of slowing down.

And while people of all ages are at risk… the older generation (those 45+) are the most likely to become victims.

For this reason every single person should be prepared to protect themselves.

You simply need to use the Shockwave Torch – the world’s most bada** and best tactical flashlight for self-defense.

In two seconds you’ll discover how this seemingly normal flashlight is proven to stop an attacker in his tracks… and make him SH*T his pants in the process.

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Elite Tactical Backpack


The retail price of the Elite Tactical Backpack is $90.00. 

Obviously when the backpack is sold for $90 it’s making a profit. That’s how businesses make money. 

But because we want to get rid of these bags ASAP (we needed them gone yesterday) we don’t care about making a big profit. 

We just want to get rid of them ASAP. 

So we’re liquidating them at around wholesale cost. 

Before we show you the limited-time offer on these backpacks it’s important you understand why this bag is actually worth $90 in the first place. 

Once you see why people gladly pay $90 for this bag you’ll instantly realize why you’d be crazy not to get it at the liquidated price. 

Here’s what makes this backpack awesome…

  • Keeps Gear Organized And Safe. 7 roomy outer compartments keep crucial gear and items safe. It also keeps them ready to access in an emergency situation.
  • Makes Room For The Small Stuff: 3 smaller interior compartments give you quick access to smaller items you use frequently and want to keep on hand (money, identification, multi-tools, etc.).
  • Stands Up To Abuse: Odds are if you treat this bag like most of our patriotic customers do you’re gonna treat it like crap. Which is fine since the inside is generously padded to keep sensitive gear extra safe.
  • Adapts To Tough Environments: This bag’s military-grade MOLLE system allows you to add on extra gear. This helps you customize your pack with additional pouches, accessories, holsters, scabbards, etc. This modular pack also adapts to the toughest environments – which makes it ideal for a day at the range, a night in the woods, or when SHTF.
  • Super Comfortable: Because carrying an uncomfortable bag sucks, we built this bag to feel great. It’s got plush foam straps that won’t dig into your hips or shoulders. It also features adjustable buckles and straps, as well as a form-fitting chest strap to make sure the bag fits your body no matter what.
  • Easy To Use & Easy To Carry: The main compartment gives you instant access to gear by unfolding completely in half. This means you can strategically fill your bag and evenly distribute the weight of your gear – without worrying if you’ll be able to access a crucial item when you need it. You can also carry this bag with ease (without putting it on your back) thanks to its sturdy reinforced top handle.
  • Keeps You From Dying Of Thirst: The bag also features a hydration bladder compartment. Slip in a water bladder to always have fluids on standby. Remember, dehydration is a leading killer in a crisis (and being thirsty on a hike sucks too).
  • Will Last Forever (Or Almost Forever): This bag is made of bombproof 600 Denier nylon. Treat it like dirt and it won’t care one bit. The tough-all-over nylon webbing and durable cordura material will keep this bag intact – no matter what abuse you put it through.

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The Tac-Force Karambit Knife


You may think I’ve lost my mind with that headline up there… but I haven’t. I’m just giddy with excitement… because I’ve discovered the “Missing Survival Knife” that allows you to be ready for any situation, crisis or disaster…in any climate.

And in just a few minutes, you’re gonna discover it too.

Here’s what this is about: Everybody thinks that the key to preparedness is having a large stockpile. Your power goes out, the food in your refrigerator starts to spoil and so you head down to the basement or pantry and whip out the prepackaged food. And, sure… having a nice, big fat stockpile of food is wonderful (and mandatory). No getting around that.

But it’s a HUGE mistake to think that all survival boils down to is JUST having a stockpile. The survival experts and professionals who make a living consulting Americans on preparedness understand this… but not always in the right way. A lot of experts will put you to sleep, buzzing in your ear talking about storage, bug out bags etc.

They have good reason to do so, too. You can’t just have some canned food in your pantry and expect to be safe, secure and prepared during a crisis.

But all this misses a VERY CRITICAL fact that almost everyone misses. And until your understand the importance of this “missing knife”, you will NEVER truly be prepared for any disaster, crisis or environment.

Listen: You’re going to be just as giddy as I am once you see what I’m talking about here. It will change everything about Survival & Preparedness for you… and it will:

  • Eliminate the need for 80% of survival & tactical gear
  • Instantly give you an “unmatched” self-reliance advantage over your friends & neighbors
  • Allow you to build, fix & repair practically anything you’d need in a crisis, blackout or disaster
  • Plus… This amazing tool will drive your friends and neighbors mad with jealously

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The ANYTIME CHARGE™ is the perfect EDC Power Bank!


I promise, the Anytime Charge is going to be your new favorite “every day” power source.  It’s lightweight and compact yet holds enough power to recharge your phone, tablet and any other device that can be charged via a USB cable.  It’s also perfect for camping and hiking so you will always have a power source!

We’ve done the field testing.  We’ve taken it on long hikes, camping, hunting trips, we’ve used it as an every day power source to re-charge cells and tablets and this charger passed all our hardcore stress tests all while being user friendly enough for every day use!

But, if you want to test this out for free you’ve got to jump on this offer fast and get one right now because we have limited stock!  So claim this offer right now to get your Anytime Charge!

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The Brand New – Classic Wood Stiletto Tactical Knife


Our engineers have been working tirelessly to improve upon the already fantastic Stiletto lineup. Through customer feedback, trial and error, the newly designed stiletto is a tactical, deadly masterpiece!

But first a little history of Stiletto…

With your permission (and with strict recommendations for caution), I am going to send you one of the most influential and culturally relevant knives ever released in this country – in fact, I am going to send you 2. You see, immediately following WWII, American soldiers brought this particular blade back to the country… and it created absolute hysteria!

There are 3 reasons for all of the madness that ensued during its initial release:

1. This unique design originates from Italy. Americans had never seen it until post WWII.

2. It seeped in to popular culture, including the 1960 novel Stiletto by Harold Robbins, the films The Warriors & Twelve Angry Men and even Billy Joel’s 1978 album 52nd Street.

3. But the biggest reason was that it is a lighting fast, automatic opening made it a ruthlessly dangerous weapon and widely desired by anyone looking for a self-protection or overall “badass” knife.

And… to make sure I can still keep a lid on this… I’m going to guarantee you’re happy with what you see here. Consider the free stuff I’m sending you…

So read the rest of this letter right now – there isn’t time for you to wait.

In fact, I’m going to skip all the fat cat sales talk and get right into it. There simply isn’t enough time  and I don’t want to prevent you from getting in before we run out. Just pay the Shipping & Handling.

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The Perfect “Everyday” Tactical Flashlight Is Now Yours For Free!


If you’re going to carry any item, it needs to be a flashlight.  But you can’t just carry around any old flashlight and expect it to do the job!

Your EDC flashlight needs to be small enough to fit in your pocket, ultra bright, use standard batteries and it should be tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse.  Because the Q5 TACLITE™ is built by EVATAC™ you can rest assured that your getting the best, that your getting a product that has been tested and proven itself time and time again.

Plus, when you get your free Q5 TACLITE™ today, you’re not just getting a high quality flashlight.  You’re getting a state of the art survival tool that can double as a self-defense weapon that may just save your life one day.  Thugs don’t believe in a fair fight and neither should you!  The TACLITE™ design includes sharp beveled edges that can drop any attacker like a sac of potatoes.  Also, if you carry a firearm, because of the compact design  this flashlight can be used as attachment when using a mount.

If you want a Q5 TACLITE™ by EVATAC™ you’ve got to jump on this offer fast and get your right now because we only have 500 of these to give away!  So check availability now to claim yours!

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The Assassin’s Bundle


The 2 Deadliest Knives Ever Created

The assassin relied on the ability to remain invisible when neutralizing his target. Speed, agility, and stealth were all required, while still utilizing deception and precise weapons and tools to remain silent and undetected.

Get your hands on the 2 most sought after knives in the assassin’s armory.

The Midnight Pearl Stiletto pays homage directly in its name to the stealth of the ancient assassin. The blade is pure black, coated to protect against corrosion and provides the smoothest slicing surface available.

As with the original Stiletto Dagger, the Modern Stiletto is designed to pierce – with the precision of a needle, the deadly power of the stiletto resides in its ability to pierce deeply into your target and cause maximum damage while implementing a small, often undetectable wound.

Its counter weapon is the savage karambit – designed to cut and thrash, the curved blade draws its power from a slashing or punching motion – much like the tiger claw it was modeled after.

Alone, these are the most savage blades on the market – both featuring lighting fast spring-assisted opening – and have sold out time after time.

Together – This Limited Release Is Devastating – and may be shut down before the offer ends.

To get your hands on this exciting and historic bundle, you will need to act NOW!

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Banned Badass Self-Defense Tool


The Declaration of Independence says you have a right to defend yourself. 

So why are lawmakers telling countless Americans they can’t have this amazing self-defense weapon? 

It would appear they want you unarmed. You already know they’ve been doing it for years. 

First they started taking your gun rights..

You used to be able to buy guns used like you bought groceries. Now, there are 1,000s of guns you’re not allowed to own, they make you fill out mounds of paperwork for the ones you can own, and there’re are talks of a national registry.

Knives are just as problematic. 

Some states forbid you from carrying them concealed, and they’ve even made certain lengths and models illegal. 

Hell, they’ve even passed in 12 states outlawing pepper spray! 

And now, American lawmakers trying to take away your right to own one of the most effective self defense weapons ever made. 

Here’s why…

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