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Exclusive – Striker Speed Blade – Tactical Folding Knife


Dear Hotlist Customer:

You wanna see something cool? Just don’t blink.

You see that?

It’s called the Striker. This is the quickest tactical folding knife in the world right now.

Faster than any other pocket knife. Faster than any switchblade.

But unlike a switchblade, we’ve cleverly designed the Striker to be perfectly legal. At least here in the U.S.

It’s our own design. Our own engineering. You can’t find this anywhere else. And right now, with complete regard for your privacy… I will rush you this amazing Striker fast-blade knife…

As My GIFT To You!

That’s right, it’s yours free.

If you could find it somewhere else, which you can’t, but if you could, it would cost you at least $65. There’s even a complimentary instructional video included to show you exactly how to do this…

It’s easy and safe, once you know a few key secrets. And it means you’ll own the quickest, most bad-ass blade ever invented. One that you can have out in ready before your opponent can even blink.

Okay… so a lot of folks are asking… how I can afford to do this?

Fact is, I can’t. Not for long. Which is why you should stick around for a few minutes and discover how to get your very own Striker — on my dime.

Hi it’s Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For over 30 years we’ve built-up a solid gold reputation for giving away valuable free gear and killer instructional material to select hotlist members like you.

We design the hottest, best quality gear you’ll find anywhere. And we’ve spent millions seeking out the most skilled and dangerous men on earth to teach you their killer secrets.

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Exclusive – Plasma Arc Lighter and Flashlight


Here’s Your Chance To Own The Hottest (And Coolest) NewWaterproof Plasma ‘Arc’ Lighter

…For Free!

An amazing breakthrough in electronic ignition technology, the Pyro Arc Lighter generates a 2600-degree plasma-type electric stream.

Dear Hotlist Member.

As you may already know, FightFast and TRS Survival are always busy dreaming up new and exciting products for you and guys just like you.

Stuff that men really want.

Well, we’ve just come up with another. This is gonna blow your mind. It’s a marvel of technology — an electronic plasma ‘Arc’ lighter we call…

…The TRS Pyro.

That’s the Greek word for “fire”. And boy does it live up to its name.

The TRS Pyro generates a continuous…

2000-Degree Plasma Stream!

That’s hot enough to instantly ignite a campfire, a barbeque, a candle, light a cigar or cigarette or whatever you need, whenever you need it, no matter how windy or nasty the weather.

It’s waterproof too. Also has a bright LED flashlight on the opposite end.

I’ll give you all the specs and details about The TRS Pyro in just a second. It’s the most awesome firestarter slash flashlight combination on the planet.

And if you do not agree, after trying this out for yourself… I will let you have this amazing gadget, yours to keep…


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Exclusive – X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Kit


I Want To Give You 
This Killer “Throwing Knife”… 

I’m Dead Serious!
What’s More…I Will Include A DVD (Also FREE)
To Show You EXACTLY How
To “Throw-And-Stick”
This Vicious Fighting Tool…From 17 Feet Out!

Dear Hotlist Member:

With your permission, and with complete respect for your privacy, I will rush you a stunning top-quality throwing knife — along with a knife throwing instructional DVD…


I’m not screwing around here. Take a good look at that photo. It’s called the “X8 Stinger”. This vicious weapon is the real-deal:

  • Quality stainless steel. A hefty 3.5 ounces of forged brawn that will endure whatever punishment you can dish out.
  • Engineered for throwing. It’s a damn wicked piece of equipment specifically designed to slice through air like a hot bullet — straight and true to your target.
  • Perfect gorgeous balance. At just over 8-inches, it’s like holding a mini Samurai sword in your hand. Makes throwing and sticking this beauty a breeze.

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Exclusive – Free Knife


Get Your $50.00 Military Tough 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife 100% FREE Today… Only While Supplies Last!

  • Known as the sharpest, most durable, and fastest drawing survival knife in the world, the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife isn’t just a stone aged cutting instrument.
  • Nearly indestructible and completely blood & waterproof this is the go-to survival knife for every situation!
  • You can do a quick checkout with the buy button below or continue to review all 6 functions on this website below. But don’t take too long, limited inventory is going fast!
  • Yes it’s 100% FREE and ready to be shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee, only whilesupplies last so grab yours now!
Engineered from corrosion resistant stainless steel blade so it’s completely blood & waterproof while being nearly indestructible under maximum abuse. Blade length is 9.5cm (3.74”).
Razor sharp edge & serrated edge with a drop point design tip that will never snap so you can stab, cut, slice, or carve through just about anything such as rubber, hard plastic, soft metals, cured leather, and especially flesh for self-defense or deer hide for the outdoorsman.
Secure grip handle with specialized thumb ridges so you can stab, slash, and cut with nonslip precision. Made from anodized aluminum so it’s durable and lightweight at only 165g (5.8oz).

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Exclusive – Combat Vets – Urgent Warning


Save Big On The X-BOB Evac System That Fits You Best!

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Exclusive – Free – Super Reds


Get Vibrant Energy, Lasting Libido, andLaser Focus With The Brand NewAmerican Natural SuperReds!

What is American Natural SuperReds?Nutritionist and Medical Doctor Patrick Conrad from Florida created this beet, fruit and root mixture after getting run down working 24-hour hospital shifts.He also wanted to spice up his love life, get the most out of his work outs, and found that beet juice is the best solution.

This delicious powdered mix has ZERO sugars and is gluten and GMO free.

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Arctic Blast


“I was kicking with my right leg
immediately the pain was gone…”

“I was going through a tremendous pain on my right leg knee to the extent that I can not walk without an aid but I read about Arctic Blast so I ordered some & when it arrived I used it immediately. I was kicking with my right leg immediately the pain was gone however the pain returned few days later I then continue to use it. This is a good stuff & I already recommended it to some of my Church members.”

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Exclusive – Free Fitness Tracker


Dear health-conscious reader,

I’m sure you have heard of the fabulous fitness watch known as the “FitBit”

The fitness tracker known as the “FitBit” will cost you over $100 on Amazon and still does not have the same capabilities as the free giftI’m about to give you.

The gift I’m giving you is like the “FitBit” but with new additional features…

And these features are specifically designed to put an end to the most terrible disease the world has ever seen.

It goes by the name Ischemic Heart Disease and in the past 10 years it has killed 4 of my family members

Which is the reason why I’m giving you this free gift today…

First, I want to introduce this new $89 medical technology you’re getting as a free gift today…

And second, I’m going to share exactly why I’m giving this generous gift away for free.

But before I get you too excited, I must remind you I have only 1,000 of these gifts to give away for free…

If you don’t get this message in time, please accept my dearest apologies.

Since there’s no time to waste, allow me to introduce the living-saving device you are about to get for free:

It’s My Honor To Give You…

Heart-Strong Fitness Tracker

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Exclusive – 2nd Amendment Watch


See How To Get A FREE 2nd Amendment Supporting Collectible Pocket Watch Today Only!

  • American Company: We are an American company that is dedicated to supporting the 2nd Amendment. 
  • Statement Making: Show what you truly stand for every time someone sees this commemorative watch. 
  • Unique: This is one of those cool items that you can show off to your gun friends.
  • Great Gift:  If you have friends that support the 2nd, this is an amazing gift and one they will keep forever.
  • Dependable: This commemorative watch uses time tested quartz movement to ensure it keeps the best of time.  

If you love America and you support the second amendment, you NEED this pocket watch.

With one glance, everyone will know exactly what you stand for.
NOTICE: Supplies are limited for this special promotion.

This unique collectable is the perfect way to show your proud support of the 2nd amendment.

Make sure to get yourself one and anyone else you can think of before they are all gone.

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Exclusive – Bug Out Bag Guns


Former CIA Officer Leaks How to Get Your Own “Transformer Rifle” Just Like the Hard Targets Unit That Hunts Down the World’s Most Wanted Terrorists

Claim Your FREE Copy of this extreme survival guide.Inside this book, a former CIA Officer reveals the gear intelligence operatives and special forces soldiers rely on in the harshest of environments, including, those in the govt’s “Hard Targets Unit” that hunt down the world’s most wanted terrorists.Normal Price: $29

Your Price: FREE!

In the next few days, I am (with your permission) going to send you a brand-new copy of my book…

“Bug Out Bag Guns: A Former CIA Officer’s Treatise on the Guns (and Other Gear) You Need to Survive in a Hostile Environment.  

And, not only am I going to rush it to your doorstep, I’m going to send it to you for FREE! 

Inside the book (which normally sells for $29) I reveal the guns and gear used by intelligence operatives, spec-ops, and even the “Hard Targets” unit to survive in some of the deadliest environments on earth. 
However, before I tell you the reason of why I’m sending you this book and why I’m going to send it you to you for free…  
Let me quickly tell you who I am and why you might want to listen to what I have to say.  

My name is Jason Hanson.  
I’m a former CIA Officer. 
Here’s one of the awards I received while with the Agency. 

Because of my background, I’ve had to survive in some pretty rough environments.
Now I use what I’ve learned to teach people, just like you, how to protect themselves and their families during times of crisis.

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Exclusive – Free – Ketogenic Accelerator




Click below to test KetoGenic Accelerator for FREE! (Just pay $9.95 S&h) Plus order today and get our free “Keto Kickstart” guide to being shredding unwanted fat starting tomorrow!

“A trusted, science based formula designed to increase your ability to burn fat no matter your current fitness level or metabolism!”

  • Works for Both Males and Females
  • Give you the benefits of a ketogenic diet without the strict carb restriction
  • Immediate and sustained energy fuel for exercise
  • Carbohydrate-free fuel for muscle and brain
  • Reduce Hunger Cravings
  • Burn Visceral fat faster and easier
  • Supports ‘Good’ HDL Cholesterol levels within normal ranges
  • Stimulate “metabolic shift” away from glucose dependence
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges

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Exclusive – Free – Military Torch Flashlight


Known as the brightest compact flashlight in the world, the “Torch” flashlight beam can be seen over 5 nautical miles away so you can light up anything you want, effortlessly and safely blind an attacker, or signal for help when you need to!

Extremely durable and completely waterproof the “Torch” is the trusted go-to flashlight for U.S. Military.

Yes it’s 100% FREE and ready to be shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee but onlywhile supplies last so grab yours now!


Super bright LED Bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours so it will always be ready when you need it!
Literally blindingly bright! Known as the brightest compact flashlight in the world, the “Torch” flashlight beam can be seen over 5 nautical miles away so you can light up anything you want… or signal for help when you need to!
5 Preset Modes (high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe) you can select with an easy button click.
Adjustable zoom focus from 1X all the way to 2000X.
Strobe Mode can temporarily disorient and ruin an attacker’s eyesight so they can’t see what they’re doing to let you safely run away or, if need be, gain the advantage and attack them.
Waterproof so you can use it in the harshest of conditions.
Powerful, yet compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, glove compartment, or backpack so you can keep it with you at all times.
Runs on 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 battery for many hours of continual use (batteries and battery charger not included).
The Torch is the leading compact tactical flashlight in America today so you can count on it to work when you need it.
You’re covered by the Torch’s Unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee: if the Torch ever does fail, we’ll replace it free (just pay the shipping cost).

Warning: Supplies Are Limited And This Offer May End At Any Time!

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FREE *EXCLUSIVE RELEASE* Karambit & Stiletto – 2 Knife Bundle


The 2 Deadliest Knives Ever Created

No Other Knives Are Attributed More Fatalities
This Is The Devil’s Middle Finger!

The assassin relied on the ability to remain invisible when neutralizing his target. Speed, agility, and stealth were all required, while still utilizing deception and precise weapons and tools to remain silent and undetected.

Get your hands on the 2 most sought after knives in the assassin’s armory.

The Midnight Pearl Stiletto pays homage directly in its name to the stealth of the ancient assassin. The blade is pure black, coated to protect against corrosion and provides the smoothest slicing surface available.

As with the original Stiletto Dagger, the Modern Stiletto is designed to pierce – with the precision of a needle, the deadly power of the stiletto resides in its ability to pierce deeply into your target and cause maximum damage while implementing a small, often undetectable wound.

Its counter weapon is the savage karambit – designed to cut and thrash, the curved blade draws its power from a slashing or punching motion – much like the tiger claw it was modeled after.

Alone, these are the most savage blades on the market – both featuring lighting fast spring-assisted opening – and have sold out time after time.

Together – This Limited Release Is Devastating – and may be shut down before the offer ends.

To get your hands on this exciting and historic bundle, you will need to act NOW!

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Exclusive – Concealed Waist Holster


Here’s Why You Need THIS Concealed Holster

  • Breathable, flexible, ultra-comfortable neoprene design allows you move freely without sweating and chafing underneath
  • Fits a wide range of weapon sizes, from .38 snub nose up to .45 1911 pistols
  • Retrieve your concealed weapon in 0.7 seconds with fast detaching but secure thumb-released velcro strap
  • Undetectable with loose-fitting shirts
  • Won’t slide down thanks to it’s unique, form-fitting, neoprene waist and ultra-strong, military-grade velcro 
  • Ambidextrous for left or right hand draw
  • Includes an extra pouch for an extra magazine, knife, or pepper spray

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Guardian Gear Tactical Sunglasses

  • TR90 Polymer Memory Material: TR90 frames can easily bend at any angle. They are flexible, durable and tough enough to absorb hard impacts.  
  • High Impact Resistant Lens: Our PC lenses are 
    10x more impact-resistant than other lenses. They also offer 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
  • 5 Easily Interchangeable Lenses: Different environments require different lenses. Our 5 lens approach gives you the glasses you need when you need it and they’re shatter proof.  
  • 2 ways to wear: Guardian glasses can be worn traditionally or with the arm replacing Croakie style headband for when you are involved in outdoor activities. 
  • Myopia Glasses Frame Included: Insert for nearsightedness; easily fits behind the lenses. 
  • Built For Comfort: Both the TR90 frames and PC lenses offer an ultra lightweight experience. The flexibility of the frame allows the glasses to conform to your face. 

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Exclusive – Sun Kettle


Here’s the amazing thing about the Sun Kettle…

The Sun Kettle could be used with our Food4Patriots survival food in a pinch (a nice backup plan to have on hand) but I’m sure it’ll find its way into all your outdoor activities too.

Take it with you when you’re camping and have hot water for washing a few dishes or preparing a hot towel to clean up in the morning.

Bring it out fishing and you’ll also find that it doesn’t just make hot water… it can also make lunch! Just throw a few hot dogs into the Sun Kettle and whether you’re in a boat or casting from shore… lunch is served!

How about a fresh cup of coffee when you’re out in the field on a cool fall morning waiting for a deer to pop its head up? With the Sun Kettle you can have a fresh, hot beverage with no flame, no smoke and no noise whatsoever!

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See How The Vicious New Execution Torch Makes Bad Guys SH*T Their Pants In Terror!


The Only Tactical Light Medically Proven To STOP An Attacker… From The Inside Out

It’s scary to see what’s happening to America, isn’t it?

Think about what you see on the news all the time now.

Every single day you hear reports of people just like youbeing attacked, beaten, raped and even killed…

Terrifyingly, it usually happens for the dumbest reasons; like someone getting assaulted for wearing a Donald Trump hat, or murdered for their phone.

Worse yet is how this new violence shows no sign of slowing down.

And while people of all ages are at risk… the older generation… those 45+ are the most likely to become victims.

For this reason every single person should be prepared to protect themselves.

If you’re not prepared…

You Might As Well SCREAM – I Want To Be A Victim! 

Of course, the easiest way to avoid being a victim is to use the #1 (and most obvious) choice for self-defense.

A gun.

Sadly… because of 8 years of Obama and a growing anti-gun movement… using a gun for self-defense is getting harder by the day.

You’ll lose count quickly if you ever try and figure out all the places you can’t have a gun.

Because guns are prohibited in so many places you need another, ultra-effective self-defense tool.

You might think a knife is the next obvious choice…

Nope, knives won’t do either.

That’s because they’re extremely hard to use in self-defense situations and they’re also impossible to take everywhere you go.

So how are you supposed to defend yourself against merciless thugs if you can’t use a gun or a knife?

The answer to this perplexing problem is simple.

Use the Execution Torch – The world’s most bada** and best tactical flashlight for self-defense.

In two seconds you’ll discover how this seemingly normal flashlight is medically proven to stop an attacker in his tracks… and make him SH*T his pants in the process.

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Exclusive – Roadside HERO


There’s no reason why every vehicle owner shouldn’t have one…

As the technology that powers modern day automobiles continues to advance, you may think that you have less to worry about than ever. After all, when a car can parallel park itself (and is inching closer to being able to drive itself on a daily basis), what do you really have to concern yourself with these days?

The answer, as it turns out, is “quite alot.” According to one recent study, 2018 was actually the deadliest year on roads across the United States in a decade – pointing to the fact that you still need to prepare yourself for anything and everything, even in the sophisticated modern era that we’re now living in.

That, in essence, is also why the Roadside HERO is so important. It’s more than just an incredibly powerful flashlight – it also includes nine amazing tools that will help you navigate ANY situation as safely and as soundly as possible.

In truth, there are NINE key reasons why EVERYONE should own the Roadside HERO that are more than worth exploring.

You see, the Roadside HERO is also a specially designed, 9-in-1 multi-function tool that will guarantee you have access to the life saving tools you need when you need them the most.

Even Fire Fighters Are Keeping This Versatile Device In Their Vehicles

This device is so versatile that it has been getting praise from first responders all across the nation. They agree that every car should definitely be equipped with it.

The Perfect Tool For Every Scenario

One of the major reasons why the Roadside HERO is such an essential purchase has to do with the wide range of different uses that it affords you. Again, you’re getting not one, not two, but NINE different invaluable products all in one. This includes:

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