Palmetto State Armory: Beretta Model 84 BB Italian Police Trade In $349

PSA Beretta Model 84 BB On Sale


Brand: Beretta 
Model: 84 BB 

Caliber: .380 ACP
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Overall Length: 6.8”
Type: Semi-Auto
Action: Double Action Blowback-Operated Pistol 
Magazine: 1 x 13 Rd. 
Country of Origin: Italy 


This specific lot were all ex-Italian Police and since have all gone through and complete inspection at the House of Beretta in Gardone and been proofed, you can easily view the mark(s) on the pistols and all the pistols are in excellent condition. 

BB Version: Model 84 have more serrations on the slide as well as white dot and post sights. The guide rod and recoil spring are slightly wider than the precious iterations, and the guide rod has a small “nub”: or bump on the back.