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American Chemists Confirm Existence Of Natural “Super Acid” That Tricks Your Hormones Into…

Burning Body Fat Like Gasoline!


Cheryl emerged from a deep fog in time to see the tractor trailer bearing down on them… Only seconds from impact. Cheryl and her daughter screamed and threw their arms up in front of their faces… When the shouting and screeching finally stopped, the massive truck stopped only inches from her daughter’s door. It was one of the worst days of Cheryl’s life… All she can remember is her daughter’s look of sheer terror and these words through a stream of tears…

Mommy…you were nodding. You closed your eyes and the car started rolling…Are you sick? What’s wrong?

Cheryl knew her bodyweight was much too high… She was the heaviest she’d ever been… But the scale was not her only problem… Her blood sugar was careening out of control right along with her weight… Bringing on a new set of symptoms… If she stayed on this path, she opened the door to a deadly diabetic coma… And the scary part is–like most people–she’s never been diagnosed with diabetes! Passing out behind the wheel that day was a powerful warning… And it was the last straw… She was at her wit’s end. And she had every reason to be upset… Cheryl already did everything you’d expect to stay healthy… She walked regularly, lifted weights, and took cardio classes at the gym… She rarely drank… But none of those things slowed her steady weight gain… Her excess weight resisted every attempt to burn off… But for good reason…

Without knowing it, Cheryl had shut down the most potent sugar-burning system in her body.

Hi, my name is Dr. Lori Shemek.

Cheryl’s hormones were now her enemy…

Actually causing her to gain weight, instead of preventing it!

Her blood stream was being flooded with a “passive hormone” that stopped doing its job years before.

At this point her blood sugar registered a lethal 370.

Her family doctor gave her a prescription for Metformin and recommended she join Weight Watchers.

But she’d already tried that… AND IT FAILED.

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