RangeUSA: $140 Off S&W PC 10mm 2.0 with Vortex Venom RDS

Range USA Online Deals Smith And Wesson

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P in 10mm is a high-performance handgun crafted for precision and power. Featuring a 5.6-inch barrel and an extended 15+1 round capacity, this pistol combines superior ballistics with a versatile optics solution, as it comes equipped with the Vortex Venom red dot sight.

The 5.6-inch barrel of the Performance Center M&P is meticulously engineered for optimal accuracy and velocity. This barrel length not only enhances the pistol’s ballistic performance but also provides a longer sight radius, contributing to precise shot placement. Whether used for target shooting or as a potent sidearm for personal defense, the extended barrel ensures reliable and consistent performance.

With an extended 15+1 round capacity, the Performance Center M&P delivers ample firepower in the hard-hitting 10mm caliber. This combination of a larger magazine capacity and the potent 10mm cartridge ensures that users are well-equipped for a variety of shooting scenarios, from self-defense to outdoor activities.