RangeUSA: Rebates On Taurus Pistols

Range USA Taurus Rebates

At Range USA, Taurus pistols like the G3C and the G2C are not only on sale, but they also come with a $30 rebate for a total of $50 of savings off their list price.

Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2in Barrel 12+1 Round Capacity

The Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2 Inch Barrel 12+1 Capacity Compact Handgun is the perfect choice for concealed carry. Its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to carry, while its durable construction ensures reliability and longevity.

This handgun features a 3.2-inch barrel, 12+1 capacity, and a comfortable ergonomic grip. The striker-fire action and smooth trigger pull provide a consistent shooting experience. The Taurus G2C also has manual safety, allowing you to carry it with peace of mind.

The Taurus G3C is the latest addition to Taurus’ reliable and durable semi-automatic handguns. The G3C is built with a polymer frame and a stainless-steel slide, making it lightweight and rugged. Designed for everyday carry, the G3C is a 9mm Luger with a 3.26-inch barrel and a 12+1 round capacity.

One of the critical features of the G3C is its ergonomic design. The grip is textured for a secure hold, and the slide serrations make it easy to operate. The G3C also has a striker-fired trigger for a smooth and consistent trigger pull. The trigger also has integrated safety, giving you added security.