Raven Concealment: New Holster Product Release

Raven Concealment New Product The Jake Holster

Raven Concealment Systems has announced the launch of their new Signature Series holster, the “Jake.”  This series is born out of a 12+ year-long advisory relationship with Matt “Jake” Jacques of Victory First. The “Jake” incorporates all the innovative designs that Raven Concealment has pioneered over the last 15 years, such as a user-selectable wedge near the muzzle to keep the rear of the slide from tipping away from the beltline, a new, low-profile claw to tuck the butt of the grip of the pistol into the body, and multiple attachment points for belt hardware like overhooks or soft-loops.

The “Jake” also bears a key feature that Matt Jacques feels is absolutely essential to a proper AIWB holster:  A dual body shield.  This configuration provides an inboard shield to protect the pistol from sweat, and an outboard shield which protects cover garments from excessive wear from rubbing against slide serrations.  This outer shield also helps keep foreign objects from entering the mouth of the holster once the pistol is drawn.

The “Jake” is the natural evolution of Raven Concealment’s approach to AIWB carry, merging time-tested and proven design features with forward-thinking innovation. It’s an ideal choice for discerning shooters in their concealed carry choices. If you’re interested in reading more, or getting one yourself, head over to RCSGear.com.