Rebel Night Shades F+S

Rebel Announces Night Vision Glasses Giveaway

1000 FREE “Rebel Night Shades”

Breakthrough Military Technology: FINALLY drive you and your family safely at night with clear, sharp vision

Why is this free today?

The image below happened because the driver was blinded in the lights.


Which is why I’m on a mission to get this critical accessory, Rebel Night Shades, into as many challenged night drivers as possible, FOR FREE.


Because it will SAVE LIVES.

So, how do I know this?

Well I’m Brad Stevens and I’m a former military officer. I’ve seen firsthand the dangers that poor night vision can pose.

This, to me, is UNACCEPTABLE.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Out of the 40,000 people killed in auto accidents in 2018, 49% of fatal accidents occurred at night.


Because of night vision issues.


And if you struggle to drive at night…

If you feel unsafe on the road…

If you’re worried that you’re putting you, your family or other’s at risk…

Then, I want you to know that you are NOT ALONE.

I had the same problem.

After doing four tours in Iraq, I came home and my vision at night was compromised.

I could not see clearly when I was driving.

I was scared. I couldn’t see things. I was nervous every time I got behind the wheel after dark.

Of course, I started to look for better solutions. I tried supplements, eye exercises. I even considered surgery.

THEN, I realized that the military had already implemented a solution.

For decades, they’ve poured millions of dollars into research on night vision.

The United States has invested so that our soldiers do not have to move blindly in the dark.

Using the same principles that are used in the military, you too can see better at night!


Get Back In Control and keep people Safe

Solve your night vision challenge by blocking as much outside and peripheral light as possible. When a light beam hits the RIGHT lens material, the light changes speed and changes direction a little bit.


This is a protective mechanism from your body and keeps your eyes from having a massive amount of light enter your eyes while they are enlarged or dilated.

The military understands the principle of light refraction.

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