The Wilderness: Belts $5 Off!

The Wilderness Belts $5 Off

Frequent Flyer and Swift Belts $5 Off!

About the Swift Belt:

When you want speed and simplicity getting dressed or geared up, but you don’t want to give up micro-adjustability in size, you’ll get hooked on our new Wilderness Swift Belt the first time you wear it. It features the classic hook-and-loop adjustment of our other belts to get that perfect sizing, but it buckles with with a proprietary hook engineered by Tom Kelley of Dark Star Gear.

The buckle incorporates a small 5° relief to better follow the natural angle of the hips and make closure more…swift! Slipping the hook down into the 1.5″ wide belt’s securing loop is instant and secure. After you initially adjust the belt to fit, you may never have to use the Velcro closure again — at least until Thanksgiving.

Our Swift buckle is laser-cut from premium 7075-T6 aluminum for toughness and light weight. This stronger alloy allows the buckle to be very thin and reduce its metal detector signature dramatically, making your life easier. The buckles are then tumbled to soften the edges, and finally anodized black.

This flat and narrow Swift buckle is super low-profile for concealed carry, but can also be used in “tunnel” style MOLLE/PALS warbelt sleeves and belt pads since access to the hook and loop fastener isn’t required each time you put it on.

The Swift Belt body uses the same durable and comfortable custom webbing as our other time-tested belts. It is available with all of the expected Wilderness options, including choosing your belts stiffness with standard 3-stitch (more flexible), enhanced 5-stitch (more vertically rigid; the most popular option), or heavy-duty CSM (polymer-lined Combat Shooters Model). We offer both every-inch specific sizing or Easy-Fit sizing, hook or loop lining inside, and Black, Wolf Grey, Coyote, and Ranger colors.

About the Frequent Flyer Belt: The Frequent Flyer is a 100% non-metallic, security-friendly belt. Naturally, it still meets the standards for quality and durability that we established with our Original Instructor Belts. The FF Belts are stylish for casual wear, come in a variety of widths to fit most pants, and are tough enough to hold up not just your pants and cell phone on a trip, but your full-size pistol, spare ammunition and a tactical flashlight back at home.