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As Sports Illustrated explains:

“That’s Why MLB Players Have Begun Taking a UNIQUE NUTRIENT to Boost Their Eyesight.”

This “Unique Nutrient” is an “Orange Eyesight Vitamin.”

2nd Baseman for the Miami Marlins, Neal Walker says: “After taking it every day, I felt like I could see details better and I wasn’t squinting as much. It was like internal sunglasses.”

Dietician for the Washington Nationals, Leslie Bonci, recommends this nutrient to her team to strengthen eye health.

Outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, Steven Souza, even shared a story about how improving his vision rescued him from a bone-shattering injury:

“Early in spring training, I was standing on a field during batting practice when outfielder Corey Brown yelled for me to watch out. Without thinking, I turned and caught a line drive a fraction of a second before it slammed into my face. I may have a bruise on my hand, but I’ll be alright.”

Thanks to his improved eyesight, he says, “I’m basically accident proof.”

And Unlike Other Health Programs, Where an Athlete Might Only See Results After Several Weeks…


This orange ‘Eyesight Vitamin’ is professional baseball’s secret weapon to perfect and protect the eyesight of their players, from the youngest rookie, to the most seasoned 20-year veteran.

I’m Doctor Ryan Shelton, and while I love watching baseball with my kids, I’m not a major league outfielder, and neither are my patients.

But still — and here’s the exciting part —

Pro Baseball’s ‘Eyesight Vitamin’ Has Now Been Released to the Public…

Regular folks all over the country are using this baseball vision secret to protect their own eyesight.

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