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NYU Medical Doctor Discovers Hidden “Cellular Fat Trap” That Locks Liquid Fat In Your Cells

Making it impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you diet or exercise.

How one Idaho woman broke out of her vicious yo-yo weight loss cycle and caused 42 lbs of liquid fat to pour out of her body in weeks

Three teenage boys from the crowd below pointed up to my wife Katie** as they shouted this and burst into cruel laughter…

Nearly 100 people from the crowd below swiveled their heads to look at her, a few of them laughing as well.

The Ferris Wheel that held my wife and both our kids had groaned and screeched to a halt with my wife perched right on top, now beet-red from embarrassment.

Katie didn’t even want to go on this ride in the first place…

But our kids had begged their Mommy to go on it with them.

So she gave in.

After all, it was the easiest ride in the entire county fair and didn’t require her to get crushed by a safety bar to fit into.

But now the Ferris Wheel had entirely stopped and my wife Katie sat there, humiliated in the front of the laughing crowd.

She certainly had put on more than a few pounds over the years, but I knew there was no way that she had broken the Ferris Wheel.

A secret so powerful that now anyone can use it to flush pounds of nagging fat from their belly, arms, necks and thighs without any diet or exercise.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would have never believed it, but it’s 100% true.

You see, Katie used to be young, thin, and full of life.

But now when she looked at herself naked in the bathroom mirror, all she could see…

  • Were her neck rolls and jiggly, ‘bat-wing’ arms
  • The bloated belly that flopped over her waistline
  • And her big, spongy thighs covered in cellulite.

In short… she felt gross.

Before my eyes, I had watched the vibrant, bubbly woman I once knew be reduced to a shell of her former self.

Katie fought daily against the nagging thought that stuck in the back of her mind…

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