Walther: The New PDP Match Steel Frame Is Here!

Walther PDP Match Steel Frame

Walther just launched their new steel framed PDP Match pistol last week.

Like with all other PDP pistols, if you buy this one you’re still entitled to get some free 9mm from Sierra Ammunition

Purchase a NEW Walther PDP model and receive 100 rounds of Sierra Hollow Point Ammo!

(See Details Below)

Beginning 10/30/2023 through 12/15/2023 you will receive 100 rounds of high-quality Sierra hollow point ammo (MSRP Value: $150) with the purchase of any New PDP PRO SD, Standard PDP (Including Color Frames) or PDP F-Series during the promotional time period. *Yes, it also includes the newly released PDP Match Polymer-Frame and Steel-Frame models!